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Picking out my Top 5 songs is TOUGH!!!!

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When you think about all the songs released this year - it's really hard to pick your Top 5. Part of the problem I have with picking out songs is when a song is released early in the year, I'm kind of burned out on it by the end of the year!  And it's also one of those things that the more you think about it, the more you change your mind! So by posting this, I'm committing to it.


 (My hair was super red that day wasn't it?)

Jason Aldean - Tattoos On This Town

I love this song. I love everything about it. When I first heard it on the CD - and it is the first song - I LOVED it. I was so happy when they finally decided to release it as a single. This one truly does stand the test of time for me because I have seriously listened to it, I don't know, 500 times????? I think it's Jason Aldean at his best.


 (Ladies all over town are jealous of this one!)

Chris Young - Tomorrow

This song is brilliant. I have been a Chris Young fan since I saw him on Nashville Star and I thought his first two CDs were great. But when I heard this song, I thought this song is going to take him to another level.  I actually think he's probably the best vocalist in country music today. He has such an amazing range to his voice. I think this is a song we can all relate to - we've all been there at some point in our lives. I particularly think the fire and gasoline line is fantastic: "We're like fire and gasoline, I'm no good for you, you're no good for me." What a song!!!


(Yes, I'm short)

 Eli Young Band - Crazy Girl

The first time I heard this song it made me happy! Happy because I KNEW this was going to be a huge hit for the Eli Young Band. I knew it was going to be a career-changing song for the guys and every week as it climbed the charts, I was watching it hoping it would get to number one and it did! I've known these guys for a long time, from back when they used to play at Sam's Place. They're talented, they're kind and they're deserving of a big hit. I just happened to be in Nashville with them the day it hit number one and yes, we did have a celebratory beer. (OK, maybe two) It's a great song that really gave these guys the attention I think they've deserved for a long time. This song just has a special place in my heart.


(I don't know who said something funny; me or Ronnie Dunn. My guess is Ronnie Dunn)

Ronnie Dunn - Cost of Livin'

I heard about this song before I ever heard the song. My boss had been at a CD listening party with Ronnie Dunn in Nashville (lucky Beverlee!) and she came back and told me all about it. Then more people in the industry kept telling me "...wait 'til you hear Cost of Livin'" so I had high expectations. The first time I heard it was in my boss' office with her - and by the end of the song I had tears in my eyes. I think the lyrics are POWERFUL. So many people are living that song and the way Ronnie Dunn sings it makes you FEEL the song. It ended up topping out on the charts in the high teens and I thought it should have gone to number one. I don't care how many times I hear it - I will always be moved by it.

 NUMBER ONE...drum roll please...

(And yes, that is me congratulating Eric Church)

Eric Church - Drink In My Hand

Anyone who knows me is NOT surprised by this pick. But I have two reasons for picking this: Number One - it's a crazy good song. When I first heard the CD I KNEW if they released it, it would be a number one hit for Eric.  It's a song that I crank UP when I'm listening in my car. There's something about the energy of the song that makes me happy. And it's another song I've listened to a zillion times and never get tired of it. Number Two - they DID release it and it looks like it's going to be a number one hit for Eric! I have been an Eric Church fan since his first CD "Sinners Like Me" and for him to be this close to his first number one is awesome.

This isn't a song that will change the world; it's not a song that lyrically moves me, it's just a song that makes me happy. So sing with me! "Five, Four, Three, Two, One, I'm a Rocket Man and all you gotta do is put a Drink In My Hand"!

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