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My #8 CD of 2011 - Lady A

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There was sure a lot of high expectations when it came time for Lady Antebellum to release their third CD "We Own The Night" and I think they did a brilliant job of showcasing what they do so well. For me, this CD isn't breaking any new ground for the band but it's really solidifying their place in country music. Now, that said, I don't hear this is as a very "country" sounding CD. Definitely much more pop sounding than country sounding.

Hilary and Charles definitely have magic when they sing together. I honestly don't think I would like them nearly as well if they were solo artists - and Dave has a great way to bring a song together with the arrangements and well as songwriting! They have songwriting credits on almost all the songs on the CD.

The three of them together give you a sound that feels familiar and new at the same time. Seriously, how many times did you hear "Just A Kiss" before you were singing along? Probably about four. I think "Dancin' Away With My Heart" is a beautiful song with an incredible arrangement. This CD just really showcases their songwriting, vocals and their ability to draw you into a song. I'm hoping for a little more of a country sound in their next CD. Fingers crossed!

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