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My #4 CD of 2011 - Ronnie Dunn

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I wonder if Ronnie Dunn was nervous when he put out this CD. I mean, he had huge success with the Top Duo ever in country music; he walked away from that and then put out a CD that (I think) is better than anything he ever did with Kix. (with all respect to Kix and B&D fans everywhere!)

I think what I always loved most about Brooks & Dunn was Ronnie's voice. He has a way of singing a song that you can feel. When he sings an emotional song like "Cost of Livin'" you FEEL it. I'm sure there had to have been a lot of pressure on Ronnie since he was going out on his own. But he stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park. What I love about Ronnie Dunn is he can sing everything well whether it's an uptempo, rockin' song like "Singer in a Cowboy Band" or "Let the Cowboy Rock" and then turn around and give you goosebumps with the way he can sing a ballad.

This definitely is one of those CDs that the more I hear it, the more I love it. You'll get stuck on one song and hit replay ten times in a row and then you'll do it again with another song. GREAT CD! 

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