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My #3 CD of 2011 - Miranda Lambert

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I'm sure Miranda Lambert had a lot of pressure on her when it came time to release her fourth CD. After releasing "Revolution" she finally got the recognition she deserved but it also set everyone's expectations really high for her next CD. I think she absolutely lived up to that expectation with "Four The Record".

This CD doesn't have the edge that "Revolution" has and that's OK for me. I love "Revolution" but I certainly didn't want her to put out a new CD that was an extension of that. With this CD, it feels to me, like she goes a little deeper and shows a little more of herself. That's not to say this CD doesn't have a little edge to it - like "Fine Tune" is one of those songs that really surprised me the first time I heard it, but the more I've listened to it, I really love it. She wrote or co-wrote six of the 14 songs - but she has a way of finding songs that really fit her, you'd think she wrote them herself.

What I love about Miranda is she'll do the unexpected - like "Dear Diamond" a song she wrote. You'd think it's a love song about her marriage to Blake but it's not even kind of a love song!..."and with this ring I said I do, promise to never do what I've done". Or "Mama's Broken Heart" is a great song about a breakup and how she deals with it much differently than her mom's generation would - "I can hear her now saying she ain't gonna have it, don't matter how you feel, it only matters how you look".

Her vocals are exceptional, I love the arrangements and she has some great help on this CD from Patty Loveless, Josh Kelley, Allison Moorer, Stoney LaRue and of course Blake Shelton. I was counting down the days until this came out - and it was definitely worth the wait.


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