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My #2 CD of 2011 - Chris Young

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This was a total no-brainer for me. "Neon" is one amazing CD.

I remember when I first heard it - the label sent me an advance copy of the CD and I was so excited about it that I lined up an interview with Chris and talked to him for like 25 minutes about almost every song on the CD. 

Chris' last CD "The Man I Want To Be" was in my Top 10 of I had high hopes for it and boy, did he live up to my high hopes! I remember the record label asking me what I thought the next single should be - all I could think was "pick a number between one and ten! They're all great!"   As soon as the first cut started I loved it...I loved the second cut, the third...the only problem I have with this CD is ten songs just doesn't seem like enough. I wanted ten more! Chris is right up there with Blake Shelton for the best vocalist in country music today - he's not only a great vocalist but an fantastic songwriter as well; he co-wrote seven out of the ten songs.

I love the different feel of the songs: "She's Got This Thing About Her" is incredibly beautiful, it showcases Chris' vocals and the arrangement is amazing.  When I saw the title "Flashlight" I thought, what the heck could that be about? A song about a Flashlight? Give it a listen, it'll put a tear in your eye. Then "Save Water, Drink Beer" is just a fun party song.

This is one of those CDs I will never get tired of listening's fantastic from cut one to cut ten!



My favorite cuts: Pick a number one through ten. I love all of them.

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