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My #1 CD of 2011...

  • Print not a surprise to anyone. It's Eric Church's "Chief"!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this CD from the minute the first cut "Creepin'" started playing and I knew then it was going to be a hard CD to beat for my #1 of the year.

I had pretty much worn out his first two CDs - in fact, "Carolina" was my number one CD of 2009 and I couldn't wait for him to put out a new one. I was hoping it would be as good as "Carolina" and it's better. This is a CD I never, ever, ever get tired of listening to and there's not a song on it that I skip.

There's just something about his music that I love. He can sing a rockin' country song like no one else, but also has this other side to him that makes me realize just how lucky his wife in "Like Jesus Does". When I saw the song title I didn't have a clue what that could be about - until I listened to it "But I Thank God each night and twice on Sunday - that she loves me like Jesus does." Or "Springsteen" - I was assuming it would be a tribute to The Boss - but instead it's about a high school sweetheart. Then when I heard "I'm Gettin' Stoned" I laughed out loud when I realized it was about an ex getting married; "she's got a rock and I'm gettin' stoned".

To my fellow Eric Church fans - you're gonna LOVE this! And I honestly think this CD is only going to make it harder for us fans to get tickets to his shows. :) So if you don't own this CD yet, go buy it and pick up his first two while you're at it. You'll love them.

My favorite cuts: "Drink in My Hand", "Springsteen", "Jack Daniels" and "Over When It's Over"...well, heck to be honest I love them all.

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