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Miranda's performance of "The House That Built Me" Saturday night...

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I will have to say that being at Intrust Bank Arena while during a tornado warning was going on was something I certainly had nevered experienced. Usually you experience something like that with your family in a basement or someplace you've taken shelter but being someplace with thousands of other people was so surreal. I was impressed how calm everyone was. I was very lucky to be with a couple of my record guys who work with Miranda, Chris and Jerrod's labels so they took me back stage to watch the radar - I later realized we were in Jerrod Niemann's dressing room.

I watched the coverage with several people, including Miranda for a while (and her dog Delta Dawn) and Jerrod...while they were predicting the storm was going to go right over my house. It was not a good feeling. But thank you to the KFDI News Staff, along with Ross, Merrill, Mark and Rodney with KWCH for being so calm. They are all true professionals. (I can't begin to tell you had proud I am of our news staff. To Dan, John, George, Mark, Wil, Eric - thank you so much for your hard work that day.)

I watched as the storm took a turn to the east - and missing my neighborhood but impacting so many people. At that point we had no idea about any damage. A few minutes after that, they lifted the warning and we all went back into the arena and the show continued.

When Miranda got ready to sing "The House That Built Me" you could tell then the enormity of the situation really hit her...along with the uncertainty of what had happened; not knowing if people had been hurt, if homes had been destroyed or what had happened. She actually started to cry before she even started singing the song. You could see the tears running down her cheeks as she was talking and then she attempted to sing and couldn't so she turned the mic around and simply let the audience sing it for her. As she was singing, I was watching the big screens too and they had the cameras on the audience. I saw so many people I know and recognized and we all had tears streaming down our cheeks. It truly was the most emotional experiences I have ever had during a concert.

I don't know who shot this video - it was on youtube. But thank you so much for capturing this:



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