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Has anyone seen this dog????

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First off, I don't know what I would do if Buddy was missing. I just couldn't imagine. Have you seen this girl???

I talked to Maddie's person the other day and her heart is just broken. Here's what she posted on facebook about her dog:

Maddie is still missing & we are worried sick. She has canine hip dysplasia and has bad hips and knees. This is the 6th day she has been gone & is probably in a lot of pain. She needs her meds. She also has separation anxiety and doesn't do well when she is away from her family.
She was on a walk with me in Sunset Park on Keith Street that is just NW of 13th & Tyler and SE of 21th and Maize Road. She is friendly but she doesn't walk up to strangers freely. She had a pink collar on with a heart tag with her name and my cell phone number.
She is a black lab with a white stripe down her chest. She has some salt & pepper hair under she mouth.

I am worried that someone may have picked her up and they think they are helping by keeping her safe but don't realize how much pain she is in. If you are that person or if you know this person, please call me, I won't be mad. Or you can take her to the animal shelter or the Kansas Humane Society at 3303 N Hillside. Then I can go get her from them. We are all so saddened and worried sick about her. She has been in the pound 5 times before I got her & has only ever wanted a secure loving home and she got that when I adopted her a year ago. She needs to come back to her forever home with me. 

If you see her or if you have her at your house please please call me, she is in a lot of pain and needs to come home. We miss her greatly.
Thank you

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