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Update on our friend and coworker, Dane Daniel

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You've heard Dane's voice on the air here on KFDI for years. He's our number one go-to guy when it comes to filling in a shift. As you might imagine, filling in can be a challenge as everyone's shows are a little different and Dane always fills in and makes it seem so effortless...and let me tell you, it's not.

What you might not know, is Dane has been dealing with cancer for a long, long time now.  He has a very rare cancer, sarcoma, which accounts for 1% of adults dealing with cancer. And Dane has fought it. He has taken on all the treatments, the surgeries and has taken part in a trial in St. Louis and has gone back and forth to St. Louis so many times over the past few years I couldn't even count them.

Dane is truly the strongest person I know. Despite everything he's been through, he doesn't complain about it. He takes it in stride and steps up to the next challenge. While always jumping in to fill in for someone and offering to help out. However, over the weekend, it was discovered that his cancer has moved to his brain.

To say this news breaks my heart would be an huge understatement. Just like everyone who has been rooting for Dane for years, I was convinced he would soon get a break. I just KNEW that soon he'd get the news he's wanted for so long - and that didn't happen.

Dane's wife, Angie, who is so supportive and also just like Dane, you never hear her complain,  has been writing a blog. She writes very beautifully. Please take a minute and read her posts because she explains everything so much better than I can.

I will keep you up to date on what is happening with Dane. He has so many people who love him  and we need to keep those prayers going.  He needs them.


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