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An update on our friend and coworker Dane Daniel

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This has been a tough, tough week here at KFDI. One thing I have always appreciated about KFDI is that I have always felt like I'm part of a family. My coworkers aren't just people I work with - they are all people I care very much about and I feel like we're all part of a family here. And when one person needs help, people here step up and do what they have to do.

So to say the news about our friend Dane Daniel is hitting us hard is putting it lightly.

Dane has been part of our family for five years and I've actually known Dane for probably 18 years or so (since I was at T95 actually). Dane has been strugging with cancer for years and has a very rare cancer, sarcoma, that is diagnosed in only 1% of adults diagnosed with cancer. He has gone through numerous surgeries, chemo, radiation and whatever they've asked him to do. He has had a very long, hard journey with cancer and now he is in the final leg of that journey.

Since Dane has always been such a fighter, I hadn't ever considered until recently that he might not win his battle. I always knew that if he fought hard enough that he would overcome it. I told him all the time that it was time for him to get a break - this is not the break I was hoping for though. He is now in hospice care.

The cancer moved to his brain and now it's in God's hands so he is in good hands. The thought I find the most comforting is that he doesn't have to fight so hard anymore. His work here is almost done. He has taught me so much about courage, strength, determination and faith and continues to do so. He's a dear friend and I love him very much.

Dane's wife, Angie, has been writing a blog about it and I find it so inspiring. Please a few minutes and read it. She explains everything so much better than I can.

A couple weeks ago we had a party for our great ratings. We were all together and my boss, Beverlee, had the foresight to bring a camera that day. I'm so glad we'll always have this picture of all of us together. I don't consider the people in this picture to be co-workers, they're my friends. It's the KFDI Family.



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