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Iowa, Italian Food, Blake and Luke!

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What a last week or two I've had. It's been filled with tears, laughter, music, family and delicious food. I had vacation scheduled for a few months to go to Burlington, Iowa for Steamboat Days.  I have two sisters who live there, one Sicilian brother-in-law (for real, from Sicily), a niece and a nephew and this year Blake Shelton AND Luke Bryan would be there so I didn't want to miss it.

Then, my friend Dane took a huge turn for the worse. I just couldn't decide if I should go...because what if he needed me. He'd been in hospice care for a week at that time and I knew I needed to see my own family. I went to the hospital in the morning and told Dane I would be back in just a couple days...I just had a feeling I would never see him again. And I didn't, he died the next morning. (Thank you Tammy for putting the phone to his ear on my drive there. I needed to tell him I loved him one more time.) That said, I don't regret going - had I not been on vacation I would have gotten the news while I was on the air - as it was I got the news while I was with my family. I needed them at that moment.

You might have heard me talk about my sister and her husband's incredible Italian restaurant, La Tavola (the table in Italian). It's SO good...and we shared some delicious food with a few friends - perhaps you might recognize one of them from the photos:

My brother in law, Carlo, made Blake a batch of his homemade Lemoncello. It's deceiving. Very delicious, however, it's made with Everclear!

Blake and the gang from the restaurant. I'm not an employee, just a hanger-on-er...

Signing a menu from the restaurant...

With Blake's back up singer Gwen Sebastian. Remember her from The Voice? She is super talented and has her own record deal. Super nice too.

I don't have a caption that would fit this picture. :)


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