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Imagine wearing a fur coat in this heat!!!!

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It's hot outside. Imagine how hot you'd be in a fur coat! Well, your animals are wearing fur coats and this hot weather can be very dangerous for your pets. Years ago my dog Jess had a heat stroke and it was VERY scary. So do what you can to protect your four-legged friends from these hot temperatures..

*  Do NOT leave a pet in a car. Even with the windows open the temperatures can shoot up quickly. Leave your pets at home.

*  Leave the exercising for late evening or early morning. Your dog wants to make you happy so will try to keep up with you and they can easily overdo it in this heat. If you want to run, that's fine, but leave your dog at home. Keep the walks short and take water with you. Avoid hot asphalt - you'rein shoes, your dog isn't.

*  Bring your pets inside where it's cooler. Even if you don't have air conditioning, letting them rest near a fan can help keep them cool.

*  Water! Water! Water! Keep lots of fresh, clean water out for them. Spraying them down with the hose will help and lots of dogs would love to play outside in a kiddie pool.

* Oh! And did I mention keep them inside, don't leave them in a car, exercise only in early morning or late in the evenings and WATER, WATER, WATER???

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