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Ouch! But I can relate...

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Now I can't relate completely...I have never been in an Olympic diving event, or any Olympic event for that matter. But I did do a major back buster off the high board.

I used to spend my summer afternoons at the swimming pool in Alma, Nebraska. EVERY day. I would spend hours practicing diving because I just knew I would grow up to be some sort of professional diver. So one day there I was practicing my dives when I saw the boy that made my heart melt, Pat Mackie. He used come by and watch people swim and I wanted him to notice ME! So I went to the high dive to do my best dive...I did a beautiful approach but my foot kind of slipped at the last second on the board, which pretty much led me into the worse dive of my life. A dive ending with me going back first into the water with the loudest SMACK ever. I never wanted to get out of the water.

So when I watched this video, I felt bad for him and for that little girl who was so crazy about a boy who never even knew she existed...that is until one really bad dive off the high board.


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