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WOWeeee from Nashville Part 2

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 Shoot! What a few days I've had'll be hearing what I've been doing soon. Interviewing, interviewing, interviewing. It's really a crazy thing to do; you have about five minutes with each artist with no time to prepare before you talk - so you better be ready going in.

Today we had 27 interviews scheduled. I knew they would throw in a few more but how would I have ever guessed one of those extra interviews would be Taylor Swift. Yes. That Taylor Swift. The girl sold 1.2 MILLION CDs in one week and we got to chat with her today. She's been all over TV, radio and showed up today with baked goods - that she baked herself. I said "I had no idea I'd be talking to you today" and she said "I knew I'd be talking to you, that's why I spent yesterday baking". And she actually did. In fact, she said something to the effect of: You know I baked them because if I would have bought them they would have looked better.

The other surprise interviews were with Brantley Gilbert and Little Big Town. I was super happy to chat with them both. Also talked with Jake Owen, Jerrod Niemann, Gloriana, Randy Houser, my new favorite guy Charlie Worsham (remember that name), my new favorite band The Henningsens (remember their name too).

Here are some random things about today:

I got three kisses today - one from Jerrod Niemann, one from Josh Thompson and I can't remember who kissed me the other time. Weird.

Gloriana asked me if Taylor Swift put marijuana in the brownies. (No she didn't).

The two guys from Florida George Line are way taller than me.

Lonestar is back together.

After you hear Jake Owen's interview you're going to wish your boyfriend/husband/significant other was like him. And I'm not just talking because he's super hot either.

Casey James wins hands down for most beautiful eyes.

I sang with Big and Rich.

I told Jerrod Niemann I loved him. He said he loved me more and we decided that it was our first fight.


Big night tonight! Going to three parties - one with Dustin Lynch, Thompson Square, Randy Houser, Parmalee and James Wesley. Party number two with TIM McGraw and Party number three with new artist, Maggie Rose. That girl can sing. The best thing is they are all literally next door to each other. Awesome!

OK - off to take a swig of five-hour energy drink!

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