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Me, Eric Church, Justin Moore and a motorized cooler...

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 Yup that about sums up the night of the Eric Church show for me. I had been counting down the days to that show. I love Eric Church. But before that was such a rough day for me...I mean really, I had to interview Kip Moore!!!!!!!!!

Boy, that was a tough view for me. Actually he was wonderful and I really appreciated that he took time out of his day to come by the station. (I actually went to go get him job is TOUGH!)

Then he played in the conference room - and I made sure I got a picture.

That is Dan Couch - he wrote several cuts on Kip's CD with him, including "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck". (Nice gun show, huh?)

 Moving on to that night...I forgot to mention that included whiskey...

Yes, that would be Eric Church's own Jack Daniels single barrel whiskey. You ca'tn really see it too well but it has a metal tag around the bottle with Eric on it. I would normally not drink whiskey but really when Eric Church offers - how can you say no?

You wouldn't say no either. (That's my boss Justin in the background, not his bodyguard.) The show was even more fun for me because I went with a couple of the best people in the world - my sister Cathy and my niece Caitlyn!

AND NOW...Justin Moore and his motorized cooler...

So Justin invited my boss and I onto this bus to meet his Mom, Dad, Grandma and daughter. His parents and grandmother were just really, really nice and it was really fun to meet them. (His little girl was sound asleep). At one point Justin starts telling us about his motorized cooler. I thought he was full He said "You want to see it?" OF COURSE I DID!!!!

He looks so serious. Doesn't he? And the crazy thing is - the cooler goes FAST! Right after this picture he took off and I figured it would go about as fast as a Hover-round (or whatever those chairs are) and it went much faster than that. Justin thinks it probably goes 20 mph. But he took off so fast around the parking lot - I couldn't quit laughing. He got back and asked if I wanted to try it. 

Seriously. How could you say no???????????

I want you to know that I really behaved myself at the show too:

Well, maybe it was Angie Henry and Gabrielle Biegler who were behving themselves. I was just being an Eric Church show. :)


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