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Thank you, KFDI Listeners!

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It doesn't seem like it - but last week I celebrated my 13th YEAR on the air at KFDI.

Where the heck does the time go?

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me have my dream job.

I remember years and years ago I worked at T-95 which was also owned by Great Empire Broadcasting so I worked for Ol' Mike and Mike Lynch. I remember saying "they need more woman on that station!". Little did I know it would be me and little did I know that one day I would be the "old-timer" on KFDI. Well, I'm proud to be the "old-timer" here. In fact, the last thing Ol' Mike said to me was " really are a ranch hand." In fact, that puts tears in my eyes just thinking about that.

Radio has been such a fun career for me. I started out wanting to write commercials and plan promotions. I had NO desire whatsoever to actually be on the air. I kind of just fell into that. After I left T-95 I was offered a part-time weekend job on 106.5 (it's Radio Lobo now but it was a country station back then!) and then they offered me mornings. Despite the fact that I didn't feel qualified I said yes and loved it. (It helped to have a great partner!) THEN, they offered me afternoons on KFDI and I said absolutely not. NO. No way. Nope.

Well, I eventually said yes. And I'm glad I did.

To everyone who I've met in the past 13 years, it's been a true pleasure. Working at KFDI means the world to me and I would not be here if it wasn't for great listeners. Thank you for allowing me to live my dream. And there is not a day that goes by that I don't appreciate it....and who knows? Maybe I'll make it 13 more. :)

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