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Love your pets??? Protect them this summer!!!!!!

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This morning while looking at my news feed on Facebook one of my friends, Sheryl Haynes, had a very scary, life threatening, thing happen to her dog:

"Update on Shila Baby doggie girl....Vet called and said she has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, from a brown dog tick. It can be deadly but we caught it early. She is responding well to the antibiotic treatment. They will increase her dosage, for this particular infection, and we will treat her for a full month. 

She is almost back to herself, pulling with our walks, wanting to play ball down the hall, and sleeping on her tummy. She loves the rice and chicken dinner that she eats, to keep her tummy settled, but tires quickly. 

Thank you for the prayers, and please continue."

This could have killed her dog. I asked her what the symptoms were:

",the first few symptoms we notices was a high fever (104.5), weak, depression, not eating, walking like she had a stroke, no desire to be petted or interact. There are many other symptoms that can occur, and it can be fatal, if not treated early on. Thank God we caught it when we did!!!!!

That is why it is SO important to use flea and tick medication on your pets.

She likes to take her dog walking in the park - just like I do and she thinks maybe it happened at Oak Park right here in Wichita!!!!

Not all flea and tick medication is the same either. Talk to your vet and make sure your dogs and cats are on preventative medication that works. NOT ALL OF THEM KILL TICKS!!!!

Protect your pets. I couldn't imagine if this happened to Buddy. We go to the park every few days. 

I'll keep him safe so I can get lots more Buddy kisses!


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