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KFDI Listeners Black Friday shopping tips just might surprise you!!!!

(And help save your sanity too!)

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 For some reason, I got to thinking about the people who actually brave the stores and go out shopping on Black Friday. I've only done it once and that was with a limo full of listeners but it was INSANE! So I went to my facebook page and told people I wanted to write a blog and to share their tips with me.

I was surprised.

The NUMBER ONE Black Friday shopping tip was....drumroll here...


The NUMBER TWO Black Friday shopping tip was...another shorter drumroll...


Many comments were like this comment from Mary:

Mary Maack Stedman Tip #1: stay home. Tip #2: don't go anywhere. AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE. lol


Brenda Beebe I truly stay home and shop online. Why bother with the lines and the madness when all the stuff you really wanted is going to be gone before you get there and they only had 5 to begin with. No thanks. I used to do it and realized it wasn't worth it.

BUT there were some great tips too:

Rosa Rosales I dress to impress.Never know who you will run into.Make a list and take someone.Know your stores!!!

Amen to that. So true. Usually on Sundays when I run to the store in sweats, a ballcap and no makeup I always hear "Is that Carol Hughes???"

Here are some great tips:

Dea Taylor Warm clothes and get your cart early! Map out what you want before you head out. Prep for war!!!

Holly Wilson Take multiple people as far as outside if its cold we dress warm and some times we take shifts standing in line while one warms up in car...once inside a couple go for the items most wanted while one stands in line... so we can head to the next store.. I don't mind the crazyness

Heather Johnson True shopping lovers like me look at the ads on Thanksgiving day, plan what stores you are going to go to and wake up at 3am. Make sure you get a large coffee before hand but usually its so fun that you don't need a coffee. Lol. Obviously I love black Friday!

Carina Leonard-Atkins Another good tip is, if you know what stores you are going to spend money at, buy a gift card from Dillons and get your 4X gas points.


Here is a REALLY great suggestion!

Tiffany Ribordy Walkie talkies. I can't even count how many times I couldn't get a signal in the store on blaack friday


Even Aaron Henningsen of The Henningsens chimed in with a good point:

Aaron Henningsen Don't buy Christmas gifts til the day after Christmas if u want the deals 


Stephanie obviously has done this a few times - she had some great tips:

Stephanie Kowaleski Tip #1- Clip coupons for anything and everything you could, need want. (allot of stores allow for "double up coupons on Black Friday.

Stephanie Kowaleski Tip # 2- Bring re-usable bags, as some stores on Black Friday give a discount for using reusagable bags, plus you can use them during the store to get around quickly instead of using a big cart that makes it hard to manuver!

Stephanie Kowaleski Tip #3- Go thru all the ads and make Teams. So if 2 stores are running awesome ads, then have one group go to one store and stalk up while you go to other store. That way you have abetter chance of not missing out on a great deal. (My sister and I share what we want, She goes to one store and text me when she gets the item I want and I do the same for her vice versa.)

Stephanie Kowaleski Tip #7- Bring ads with you especially from other stores because allot of stores, especially Walmart do "price match guarantee" so you might get to a TV at WalMart because everyone went to Kmart for the better deal, but Walmart has the TV and will honor the price at KMart.

Stephanie Kowaleski Tip # 8. To me this is the most important TIP. Do research on the project you are going to buy. Know the quirks and what not. Last year I bought a tablet on sale for like $79. Well on Christmas we opened it and after 2 hours it shut off. Screen went black and then when ever re started it, it flashed and then died again. Well it was an off brand tablet, we were over Walmart 15 day "electronics" return policy and it was opened, so nothing I could do. And the manufacture had so many problems that they quickly disappeared, and it turned out to be an expensive paper weight. Needless to say there was NOTHING we could do. So know your products!!

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