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My #10 CD of 2013 - George Strait!

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You'd think I have a whole year to figure out the order of my Top 10 list but every year I change my mind up to the last minute. This year was TOUGH! I had to leave off some CDs I really did love and I changed my mind on my #10 CD literally minutes before I announced it. (Sorry Thomas Rhett!)

"Love is Everything" is everything I love about George Strait. His music is timeless. Truly timeless. He's not breaking any new ground with this CD but I don't want George Strait to break any new ground. I love how he sticks to who he is and has put out such amazing music consistently year after year.

He has a way of finding songs that fit him perfectly - and with this CD he actually had in writing four of the songs. (My guess is he'll have more time to write once he quits touring.)

The CD goes from classic country-sounding songs to western swing (the fiddle in "I Thought I Heart My Heart Sing" is FANTASTIC) to ballads that will melt your heart. Truly. If "I Believe" doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will.

I know that George is not going to quit making music...he's just not going to be touring, but still, when I listen to "When the Credits Roll" it just touches my heart:

When the credits roll and the show is over

And I see all the parts I played

Get a glimpse of my soul up on that screen

I only hope I can say I was a little less villain and a litte more hero

When the credits roll

George Strait will always be a hero. No worries about that.

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