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My #9 CD of 2013 - Joe Nichols "Crickets"

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I realized this CD had to be on my list when I was discussing the countdown with my boss and he said "I know one that will make your list...Joe Nichols." when I asked why he said it was because I listened to it all the time in my office. And I did!

It's his voice that makes this CD. I just like listening to this CD to hear Joe Nichols sing. AND it has 16 songs on it...16! That's like a CD and a half.  It's an interesting CD to listen to as well, it's unexpected in places, it feels comfortable in places, it makes you want to crank it up and listen to it loud and it makes you want to just crank it up to listen to him sing.

Joe can sing the uptempo, fun songs but he can also sing a ballad that will melt your heart. So imagine me about falling out of my chair when I was listening to the CD for the first and I hear him singing "Footlights" by Merle Haggard. He sounds just like Merle Haggard. I actually thought it was for a minute. Now (as you might know), I am a huge Merle Haggard fan and I think It takes a lot of nerve to cover a Haggard song - and Joe Nichols does it with perfection and keeps true to the original.

I heard some cuts off the CD months and months ago when his record girl came through town and played us some could have heard a pin drop when she played "Billy Graham's Bible". Absolutely touched my heart.

Joe Nichols isn't a songwriter but has a knack for finding songs that fit him musically as well as songs that fit him personally. From the first cut to the last cut - this CD will draw you in and you won't skip a cut. I promise.


"Just Let Me Fall In Love", "Footlights", "Billy Graham's Bible", "Old School Country Song"




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