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My #6 CD of 2013 - Luke Bryan "Crash My Party"

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When you get to the level Luke Bryan has achieved these days - you expect a really great CD. And Luke put out a really great CD.

I talked to him about it and told him that it's like every song on the CD could be a single and he said that is exactly what he wanted to do with this CD. He found songs that weren't just good for him - but songs that were great for him.

I have to admit that "That's My Kind of Night" is one of my guiltiest pleasures of the year. Lyrically that song isn't going to change the world, not even kind of, but despite the fact that he sings about Conway Twitty and T-Pain in the same song, I don't care. The song just has this infectious beat that makes me happy.

Then he turns around and sings one of the most touching song, lyrically, that I have hear in a long time with "Drink A Beer". You hear the name of that song and you assume it's going to be a party anthem...but it's not. It's a song about finding out someone you love is gone - and that's a theme we can all relate to. (Not to mention that songwriter Chris Stapleton sings harmonies with Luke and they sound AMAZING together.)

There's a lot to like on this CD. I think a lot was expected of Luke Bryan on this CD - and I think that he delivered.

Highlights for me: "Drink A Beer", "We Run This Town" and of course "That's My Kind of Night"

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