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My #4 CD of 2013 - Blake Shelton "Based On A True Story"

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 I remember way back when wondering why Blake Shelton wasn't a bigger star. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't getting the recognition I thought he deserved.

Boy, that's changed.

Blake Shelton has been putting out consistently good music from the beginning of his career. And I just happen to think that "Based On A True Story" is his best CD he's ever put out. Which is saying a lot. He's put out a lot of great CDs.

Even with all the fame he's experienced in the last couple of years this CD is just so true to who Blake is...and that's why I think it's so appropriately named. It does feel like it's based on a true story.

Of course the CD features his amazing vocals and his great sense of humor and the way he sings a ballad is fantastic. And it happens to include one of my favorite singles of the year "Boys Round Here"...which again, isn't a song that will change the world lyrically but it makes me happy.

When you get to the level where Blake Shelton is - you have access to all the best songwriters, muscians and producers so I you expect him to put out a great CD. But what makes me happy is I think he put out the best CD he's ever done.

Highlights for me: "Boys Round Here", "Do You Remember", "Country On the Radio" (of course I would love that one) and "My Eyes".

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