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My #2 CD of 2013 - Keith Urban "Fuse"

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I'm a huge Keith Urban fan. That's no secret to anyone. But after his last CD I was so disappointed. It was OK. I don't want OK from Keith Urban. I want a GREAT CD from Keith Urban. And he did that with "Fuse".

This CD is fantastic. When I listened to it I felt like they really spent the time to do the CD right and after I read about it - I believe that's just what happened. It took him two years to put this CD out and you can just tell by listening to it that he worked very hard to get it right.

He worked with eight, yes eight, different producers on this CD with is crazy because normally you have one producer on a CD. So I think with Keith working with eight different people it gives all the songs different energy and a different feel.

I listened to this CD totally out of order the first time I listened. I played the first cut ("Somewhere In My Car") and LOVED it then I went immediately to his duet with Eric Church "Raise 'Em Up" and got stuck there for awhile as I think I listened to that song about five times in a row. I assumed it was a drinking song - I mean with a title like that you assume it's a drinking son and it is. But then it isn't. Just listen to it - and you'll know what I'm talking about.  I went from that cut to his duet with Miranda "We Were Us" and did the same thing with that song...just kept hitting repeat. AMAZING.

Then as I've listened to the CD I find I get stuck on most of the songs and have to hear them over and over.  It's exactly the CD I wanted from Keith Urban. Thank you.

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