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My #1 CD of 2013 - Gary Allan "Set You Free"

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This CD came out very early in the year - January. So every CD that came out this year got compared to "Set You Free" and for me it won against every CD I compared it to coming out on top to be my NUMBER ONE CD of the year.

I love it. I love it love it love it love it. 

His last CD "Get Off On the Pain" came in #2 the year it came out...and I always compare the new CD to the artist's last CD. I loved that CD so much that I was hoping "Set You Free" would be as good. And it's better. 

I read sompelace that this is an "emotionally rich" CD and it REALLY is emotionally rich. Gary takes you through different emotions because he sings from his heart. You feel that haunting sadness in "It Ain't the Whiskey" and you feel the happiness in "Good As New". When he sings "Tough Goodbye" you FEEL the tough goodbye. He has an edge to his vocals and an emotional depth that not just any singer can pull off. 

The CD takes you from hard-core country themes like "It Ain't the Whiskey" to "Drop" which has what I call a Stray Cats feel to a "No Worries" reggae-inspired cut which make it an interesting album to listen to. You definitely don't hear the same-sounding song twice on this CD.

He had a hand in writing five of the 12 cuts and from what I heard he's playing guitar for the first time on one of his CDs. And he even produced some of the all that said, this is a CD that definitely has his fingerprints all over it. It's HIM.

This CD is absolutely EVERYTHING I love about Gary Allan. The honesty, the great vocals, the edge, the's all of that and then some. BUY IT. Don't download a track or two. This CD is meant to be listened to from beginning to end...and better with a glass of whiskey in your hand.

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