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Buddy's Top 10 Resolutions for 2014

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After much consideration, I decided I didn't need a New Year's Resolution. I thought I should do one for Buddy and then one didn't seem like enough so I have ten.


#10 - More Treats. Life is too short to not have treats whenever possible.


#9 -Give More Kisses. People seem to like them.


#8  Spend more time playing with toys. Lots of them. All of them if possible.


#7 - Laugh at more of Carol's jokes. Even if they're not all that funny.


#6 - More Car Rides. LOTS more car rides.


#5 - No more dressing up in stupid hats. Regardless of what treat is involved.


#4 - Seriously. No more stupid hats. Wait...did you say treat? Sure!


#3 - More Winking.


#2 - More garage sales where I can find fantastic toys.


 #1 - More SMILES!


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