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  • I love happy dog stories...

    Primarily because I love dogs...but this story has such a happy ending! A happy story, yet where the heck was she for three years and how did she end up 830 miles from home??? No one will ever know but at least she's back at home now!

  • Have a great night out AND help the troops!

    Now what could be better than that? You go out and watch a terrific, acoustic show from Love and Theft and all the money we raise will send boxes to our Kansas troops deployed overseas for Christmas. Now THAT is a win/win!

  • Check out this video of "Pontoon"'ll LOVE it!

    This is just fun to watch because you never know who is going to pop up next. Too FUN!!!! (And I'm super happy for Little Big Town too, they're really close to a #1 song and they deserve it!)

  • Please allow me to brag on my friend Orin Friesen!

    I just could not be more proud of my dear friend Orin. This honor could not be awarded to a nicer guy...and don't forget we play his Bluegrass show every Sunday morning on KFDI. I'm proud of you Orin!!!!!!!!!!

  • So what the heck is Taylor Swift's big announcement?

    We don't know either...but you will find out tonight at 6:00 our time with her live chat. She has "exciting news" that she wants to share tonight. My hunch is it has to do with a new single and album coming out. I could be totally wrong. I frequently am. She will also be taking questions from her fans too - if you want to ask her something you can submit them directly into the live social chat during the webcast using your YouTube account.

  • Ouch! But I can relate...

    Now I can't relate completely...I have never been in an Olympic diving event, or any Olympic event for that matter. But I did do a major back buster off the high board.

  • Buddy's Next Olympic Event - The Chute...

    OK, so maybe he broke the rules a bit. Usually when you compete you don't get so excited that you can't help yourself and you immediately do it again. But you see, Dog Olympics are just different that way. That and you can kind of go at your own you can see in the video.

  • Buddy's Olympic Trials

    If there were Dog Olympics I'm sure Buddy would be a fine contender - and maybe I'd get a trip to London to watch him compete! I don't know that he has the drive to actually get the gold - but at least he finished in fine form!!!!!

  • If only there was an Olympic Event for goat jumping...

    Then Little Buttermilk would certainly take home the gold!

  • And the gold for weirdest parents video goes to...

    ...gymnast Aly Raisman's parents!

  • Now these dogs know how to keep cool!

    I saw this video and it made me laugh outloud. I had to re-watch it a few times because it just cracks me up. My favorite is the second dog that goes in for ice cubes. He really has it figured out by just hitting it with his paw.

  • The Many Faces of BUDDY!

    So, the person I am really writing this blog for is ME! Anyone who knows me, or is a friend of mine on Facebook, knows I take a LOT of pictures of my dog. I'm pretty crazy about him. He's just a fun dog to be around. So I thought I would share some of Buddy's various expressions - all caught on camera! I titled them all.

  • Big and Rich talk about their latest single!

    Are you excited to see them Saturday night at Hartman Arena??? If you don't have tickets yet - you're still in luck. ALL tickets left are only $25! Super great deal. I always love the story behind the song - and I assumed they WROTE their new single. It totally sounds like a song they would write - but they didn't. Here's what they have to say about the new single:

  • RIP Ruckus

    I saw this posted on the Wichita Police Department's facebook page (if you don't like them you should!). This touched my heart. I think dog's are so amazing and this dog dedicated his life to serving and protecting. RIP Ruckus - your work here is done and remember, all dogs go to heaven.

  • Please help me find this dog a loving home!

    My friends found this dog about a week ago...we have tried finding her people and no luck. So we now need to find her a new home! She's pretty young, we think around a year, we'll make sure she has her shots and everything so you don't have to worry about that. She just needs a good home with lots of love!

  • You Could WIN A Cruise!!!!!!

    That's could WIN a cruise on our 2013 Cruise with Carol! Join us July 21st at our official cruise sponsor, Craft Country Gifts. I'll be broadcasting live from 10-noon and you can stop by and get registered to win a cruise for two. We'll draw one qualifier that day - and it could be YOU! Ask Cindy Glazier how that worked out for her last time we were there...she's a qualifier! We'll end up with four qualifers so you have great odds of winning if you are the lucky person on July 21st!

  • Thank you Andy Griffith

    There are a few people on this big earth I don't know but I would like to thank them for being here. Andy Griffith is one of those people (also included: Carol Burnett, Betty White). Andy Griffith has ALWAYS been part of my life. I grew up watching the Andy Griffith show and he always felt so real to me that it was like he was an uncle or someone in my family. I just don't feel the same way about many stars today. There are very few people anymore who you feel like you know - and you've never met them.

  • One Free Cat = Years of Happiness for you!

    This Saturday from 11am to 1 pm, you can adopt a cat or kitten from the Kansas Humane Society for FREE!!! They have more than 80 cats and kittens that really need to be in forever homes. Keep in mind, even though the kittys are free, you can still donate $$ to the Humane Society!

  • It's hot, so here is a Cats Playing In Snow Video!

    I decided that Kansas would seem less hot today if I thought about snow. Then I decided I should watch a video with snow. Then I thought I would like to find animals playing in snow. Then I found this. Here's something you don't see often - a Cats Playing In Snow Video!

  • New Tim McGraw and NEWER Tim McGraw!

    Tim McGraw's in kind of a great professional place right now and a weird professional place right now. He just left Curb Records and signed with Big Machine Records. No big deal except for both labels are putting out new Tim songs at pretty much the same time.

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