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  • New Blake Shelton CD out TUESDAY!!!

    I'm very excited about the new Blake CD coming out on Tuesday. Want to hear a little of it? Want to know what's behind some of the songs?? After watching these short videos you are going to be ready to rush out and buy it!!! ENJOY!

  • MY VACATION - The Abbreviated Scrapbook Version Part TWO!

    Here's a little more about my recent vacation (see the Part One blog for more information!);

  • Keep your pet safe this July 4th weekend!

    July 4th Weekend - not exactly Buddy's favorite holiday of the year.

  • My new show - ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!

    OH MY GOSH! I am so excited!!! You can actually buy my new show "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County" on DVD! I've never had one of my shows available on DVD so now I know what I will buy everyone for Christmas this year (sorry if I ruined the surprise for anyone :). Thank you so much to Mapleridge Productions for doing an awesome job.

  • MY VACATION - The Abbreviated Scrapbook Version Part ONE!

    I took a fun little vacation roadtrip with my friend Lynn. I love taking roadtrips. I think we went about 1250 miles total. And my Ford Focus gets really great gas mileage. We each only spend about $75 for gas so not bad at all.

  • What's Carol Listening To???

    As the music director - my JOB is to listen to music!!!! How I got that lucky to have a job listening to music I'll never know. But for the past week, I have been listening to one CD non-stop in my car and another non-stop in my office.

  • KFDI Night at Mosley Street Melodrama!

    This Friday is KFDI Night to see my new show "Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County"!

  • It's HOT but you're not in a fur coat!!!!

    Look at that face!!!! That's my Buddy and I know right now he's happy at home in an air conditioned house. Probably laying on my bed looking out the window. With record-setting temperatures please keep in mind that your pets are in FUR COATS!

  • Desperate Housewives of Sedgwick County!

    My brain has been working overtime again and I've written another show for Mosley Street Melodrama. It just finished it's second week and we're getting ready for KFDI Night this Friday, June 10th.

  • Little Big Town does Lady Gaga!

    I love this series that Little Big Town does called "Scattered, Smothered and Covered" where they cover other people's songs. I was watching another video when they did this song live and they said someone asked them once if they could turned Lady Gaga into a country song. I would say it's actually more of a bluegrass feel! Can't wait to see them on Sunday. Get your River Festival button and I'll see you at the West Bank Stage! (Gates open at 3:00 - LBT goes on around 8:00).

  • Just ONE reason I love Little Big Town...

    I have always loved this song - but what a BEAUTIFUL version of the song. And at the beginning of the video you'll see that it's dedicated to the people of Alabama who were affected by the tornadoes. The harmonies are amazing. I wonder if they'll sing it on Sunday at our River Festival Show...

  • American Idol: Scotty or Lauren???? Who do you like???

    Whether you like American Idol or you don't, as a country music fan you have to admit that it's pretty exciting that the Top Two are both country singers. Today, I played both their singles as test tunes and the results were great for BOTH songs! They really were close as far as how many people graded the songs and the scores were close - but Lauren probably had a little higher score. However, more people told me they were voting for Scotty! Personally, I think the results tonight are going to be very, very close.

  • Join KFDI for Little Big Town and Kip Moore! BUT...

    ...who is Kip Moore???? Kip is a new artist and we're really excited he's on the line up. You might have heard his debut single on KFDI "Mary Was the Marrying Kind". I think you're really going to like him. And here is a little video about Kip! So watch it - find out a little about him, follow him on facebook and join KFDI at the Coleman Country Concert at the West Bank Stage, June 5th. All you need to get in is your Wichita River Festival button, well, that and a lawn chair if you'd like a place to sit. :)


    I know that a LOT of people have been trying to win our big jackpots with the KFD-I Wanna Win Free Money Contest. For me, it's totally different. I can't win the money obviously - but to be able to GIVE that money away is very exciting. When Brian and Kellie, Tony and I do the contests we never know who is going to be on the other line when it's time to play. We don't have caller i.d. and we have no control at all over who gets through.

  • Trying again!


  • The Training Continues!

    I am so proud - I successfully posted a new blog! My goal is to post a little something new every day so I was talking to our webmaster, Chris, that I would try again today and then next I would try to upload video. BIG STEP! So he said "why not today?" So this is my lesson in adding video to my blog.

  • Keith Urban LIVE CHAT!!!!!

    For all you Keith Urban fans (like me!) he's got a new single coming out on Monday AND a new CD on the way too! Monday morning he'll be doing a live chat and you can watch it right here!

  • The Witches of Eastborough!

    Well, last weekend was opening weekend for my 15th show at Mosley Street Melodrama - and no that wasn't a typo - 15 is correct! Can you believe that??? It seems like it wasn't all that long ago I wrote my first play. I have actually written 14 shows and one of them we did twice. We had a great opening weekend. If you've ever heard the term "opening night jitters" let me tell you it really does exist. I think it's because I really want people to like the shows. I love hearing the crowd laugh and I'm always nervous that they won't! There have been a couple of those opening nights that didn't go so well. But last weekend was terrific! One of the best opening weekends ever for me. It's such a great cast - all of them have been in my shows before and it's been so much fun to work with them on this show.

  • The Amazing Buddy!

    You all know how crazy I am about my dog, Buddy. Many of you remember my rottweiler, Lily. Lily was a great girl and two years before she died I came home one day with two seven-week-old puppies. Needless to say, she was NOT happy about that. I found a home for the little girl puppy but no one wanted Buddy. I remember telling everyone he'd make someone a great pet and my friend said, "Yes, for YOU!" Buddy and Lily ended up being best friends and it was so fun to watch them together. Despite the fact that Buddy had a great home and BFF he was still afraid of everything; kids, scooters, bikes, people, rollerblades, he was just a very scared little dog.

  • Look at what Buddy can do!!!

    I am SO proud of my Buddy! If you've read my previous posts you know I started him agility training and he just finished his first class. It was a blast to take him to class and I'm looking forward to our next one that starts towards the end of October. The first night of class we tried to get Bud to go through a tunnel that was *maybe* three feet long and probably even shorter than that and he was having none of it! That first night we went into the agility arena and I thought to myself "there is no way I can ever get him to do any of this, well, maybe the hurdle and that's it"! Watch the video and see what that little boy can do now after our first six weeks of agility class! (Watch the second to the last hurdle...that "jump" makes me laugh!)

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