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  • Wow...what a couple weeks...

    There is not one day that goes by that I don't feel blessed by having a job I love this much. I mean, seriously, Taylor Swift in studio for 45 minutes??? That was a good secret, wasn't it??? If you didn't hear the interview on the air I did put it up as a podcast so you can still hear it. But she was incredibly sweet and down to earth. There was so much going on behind the scenes leading up to that interview because they did not want the word getting out about the visit. So I was very happy when it came down to just sitting down for the interview but the whole time the president of her record label, Scott Borchetta, was standing behind me AND the president of my company was here too watching from outside the studio. Talk about a stresser! I had never met Scott Borchetta before but he's a great guy. (I ended up seeing him twice in Nashville!) She was absolutely lovely and nice as ever. Her mom was with her and it was great to see her for a bit too. If you wonder how Taylor manages to stay grounded I would say it's her mom...she's a great person.

  • Christmas Crusade Day #1

    I successfully made it through my first day of Christmas Crusade. I always put so much pressure on myself during Christmas Crusade. I don't want one child to not have a Christmas present for Christmas.

  • Buddy's Thanksgiving Vacation

    I went to Austin, Texas for Thanksgiving with my Mom and we took Buddy along with us. It was a lot of driving but a really nice trip. We watched LOTS of football games - I probably watched more football over Thanksgiving than the last ten years combined! My sister and my Mom are big football fans, actually they like everything and me, I prefer baseball, but I didn't mind watching because it was fun to hang out.

  • 'Tis the Season of Giving!!!!

    I know how hard this year has been on local families. There have been so many people laid off in the Wichita area and so many of those families just don't have the extra money to make it a Merry Christmas for their kids. This is the time of year when those of us who can step up and help out those who can't. Even if it's just a small toy for a toddler that's one toy a little boy or girl wouldn't have otherwise.

  • People who are WAY more talented than me...

    I've always been a music lover - just not a great musician! I do play piano - for myself only - and I did play clarinet for two years and I have no idea why I quit. I seem to have fond memories of me playing the clarinet. But you couldn't be in the marching band if your only instrument was the piano. (However, now that I said that I really would like to see how you might push a piano around a football field!)

  • Top 10 Countdown!!!

    This week on Wednesday and Thursday I will be doing my yearly countdown of MY Top 10 CDs of 2010. And it is TOUGH!!! There were so many good CDs that came out this year and I keep debating and debating which CDs will be on the list and what order! I definitely know my Number One fact, I had a super secret interview with "the artist" two weeks ago.

  • My #9 CD of 2010...

  • My #8 CD of 2010 is...

  • My #6 CD of 2010 is.....


  • My #5 CD of 2010 is....


  • My #4 CD of 2010 is...


  • My #3 CD of 2010...


  • My #2 CD of the year is...


  • My NUMBER ONE CD OF 2010!


  • Happy New Year? Not so much...

  • Dogs in snow video

    Since we have a lot of beautiful snow today, someone posted this and it makes me laugh. If only we had hills and I could teach Buddy to do this!!!

  • Check out this Keith Urban video I took!!!

    When I was in the Nashville I had the opportunity to go to a Keith Urban acoustic performance!! I immediately bypassed the food and drinks and went straight to the front of the stage. (Everyone else was still eating!) Needless to say, I had a great spot. The guy to his left is Dan Huff, his producer. I think Dan has worked on most of Keith's CDs. The guy to his right has played with Keith Urban since their Ranch days. This is his new single "Without You"...ENJOY!

  • More Chris Young...

    There are very few artists I can tell you exactly when I became a fan. I can tell you exactly when I became a Chris Young fan.I was watching Nashville Star and it was original song night and Chris Young sang "Drinkin' Me Lonely". It was one of those songs I fell in love with immediately. So when he was in the studio, I asked him to play it. It gives me goosebumps! (And that 12-pack of Blue Moon next to him was a little thank you gift from me!)

  • Check out Brett Eldredge!

    I'm really excited that Brett Eldredge is on the line up for our Listener Appreciation Show this year. (Starring CHRIS YOUNG!) As soon as I saw him perform here I was pushing for him to open the show. I just really liked him. He's a great songwriter and a great performer and I hope you like him as much as I do. I actually did something that day I never do with a new artist - I had him sing his new single live in the studio. This song really touches my heart and I knew he had written it too and I thought it would be really cool to hear him sing it - and it was.

  • St. Jude Radiothon Day One

    First off, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who donated today. I was so touched by all of the donations. I am so lucky to be in a situation to where I can help St. Jude Children's Research Hospital by being on the air and getting the word out about the amazing things they do. But it's tough! It's so hard to be in a room by yourself all day immersed in it and just hoping the right words come out; hoping that you say something that motivates someone to call and hoping that the phones in the conference room are ringing. (We can't hear them in the studio.)

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