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I don't want anything for Christmas. And, that's the truth!

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I don't want anything for Christmas. And that's the truth.

I just want to be with my family. That is my gift.

Brian is not accepting this and insists on buying me something. He says I am a bad gift getter.

It's not about being a good or bad gift getter for me.  It's more about what I think Christmas SHOULD be about.  And, what it has become for too many people.

When I think back to Christmas in my childhood memories, it's not the presents I remember.

I do have some memories of getting presents.  A special thing here or there sticks out in my memory.

But, what I remember most is the smell of my grandma's house when we came through the door, usually covered in snow.

All the relatives inside.  Loud talking.  The smell of Grandpa's pipe and Prince Albert In A Can.  The smell of Turkey baking, and the fun times playing with cousins I rarely got to see. 

I also remember seeing my mom and dad laugh on Christmas.  I guess because they worked very hard, they didn't always laugh on a normal day.  But, on Christmas?  That was a different kind of day.

As an adult, my treasured Christmas memories are of going to church on Christmas Eve.  And, after church, coming home and lighting tons of candles in the living, then sitting down to drink Snickerdoodle coffee. Watching the candle flames and thinking of why we celebrate this season.

My faith has grown through the years.  That's why I could care less if there was a box under the tree for me. 

I truly thank God for the greatest gift of all.  Jesus Christ.




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