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Christmas In A Box Results In Emails from our Troops Overseas

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These are emails we have received from our troops overseas after they got their Christmas In A Box packages.  If you get a chance to email them back, feel free to do that.  Their emails are included and I think they would love to hear from you.

Hello from Africa, I wanted to write and say Thank You to both you and Brian as well as the entire Wichita Community for the special packages we recieved here recently.  I anticipate you will be getting many heartfelt messages of graditude from some very moved Kansas Soldiers.  It's these times of the year that weight the heaviest for not only those of us away from home but our families as well.  Through these acts selflessness demonstrated by the fine people back home, each of us feel that much closer to each of you.  I am taken back 3 years ago while deployed in Iraq and the faces still are sketched in my mind of the troops as they saw the love and boxes sent from home (KFDI and the Christmas in a Box program).  I am still moved today as I see the smiles and at times a tear from the sons and daughters, mothers and fathers deployed here in the Horn of Africa when they are handed the boxes so lovingly sent from home thru your program.  Words can never honor the feelings felt by myself and those I serve with in witnessing the love we feel from each of you.  Merry Christmas Wichita and surrounding community and may the season Bless each of you as much as you have Blessed each of us
Very Respectfully;.
Don Cunningham
2nd Plt HHC 2/137th C.A.B.

Thanks for the support! []
Kellie Michaels and Brian Pierce,
Thank you very much for organizing the support packages sent by your station.  Several packages from your station were sent to one of the members of my safety office here at Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan.  We have shared the gifts with all the men and women of the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing (United States Air Force) at Kandahar Air Base who greatly appreciate the kindness and support.  
The men and women of the 451 AEW support and fly fighters, transports, unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance aircraft and rescue helicopters.  We operate from several bases around Afghanistan in support of the US military and other nations taking part in coalition operations.  Most of the military members at Kandahar will spend 6 to 12 months in country before returning to their home units.  It is a long time to be away from friends and family especially during the Holidays, but the support we receive from groups like listeners of KFDI helps to keep us going. 
Lyle M. Dawley, Lt Col, USAF
Chief of Safety, 451 AEW

American Hero
Richard Vargas []
To:  Kellie Michaels
Dear KFDI Morning Show Brian and Kellie and its Loyal Listeners, and project "Christmas in a Box".
You have all truly delivered Christmas in a box to me this year on my first deployment to Iraq. This has been the best surprise yet. The time and effort that was made to send me everything from the great snacks to socks to toiletries is amazing and appreciated so much by me but also my battle buddies whom I will share with. It feels so great to know that I am appreciated back home in the states. It makes a soldier feel the Christmas spririt even in a land where it is non-existent. These boxes were received in perfect condition and I look forward everyday since getting them to munch on some good old American snacks from back home. I am doing great thank God and thanks to all my family and my beautiful fiance the lovce of my life and her family. They are getting me through each day here and making everyday better than the last. I am so greatful for so much and to have such great support there in Wichita. Lastly, so proud to be an American Soldier.
Im a 12Bravo which is a combat engineer out of Fort Riley, I am a Husky driver conducting route clearance which looks for IEDs and helps clear and secure the way with the rest of my platoon we love what we do and know each day we are making a difference for so many here, we still have our work cut out for us but your support means so much, so thanks again for this support.
Specialist Vargas(Combat Engineer)
1-7 FA/HHB
APO AE 09344

To:  Kellie Michaels
Brian and Kellie,
I am writing to thank you and your listeners for the 10 care packages we received today.
I am Sergeant First Class Iver Tokoi, a Field Artillery Radar Platoon Sergeant.  I have a total of 18 Soldiers including myself here in Iraq.  We are all stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas in the Big Red One.  This is the 1st deployment for many of my Soldiers, but this is my fifth.
I graduated High School from Jetmore, KS and was an Army Recruiter for a short time in Wichita from 2004 to 2006.
I will try get you some pics of my guys and I soon.  We are spread out over a couple places here.
Thanks Again, SFC Tokoi

Seth Sherwood []
To:  Kellie Michaels
Dear Brian and Kellie,
My name is Seth Sherwood. I am a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I've recently received packages from you and the people of Wichita. I just want to say thank you for all of the generous gifts provided. As any veteran will attest, being deployed during the holidays can be tough, but with the help of you and others, you've made this holiday season a bit more bearable of myself and my platoon mates. We appreciate everything and want to wish you a Merry Christmas! Thanks!

From: Maneval, Chanda M. MAJ USA USA 1ST AML
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 8:42 AM
To: ''
Subject: FW: pics (UNCLASSIFIED)
Dear Brian Pierce and Kellie Michaels,
Just wanted to write a quick email to let you know we have received
several boxes from you and we appreciate everything that was sent.  We
hung the stockings and put a lot to the other items under our trees.  A
lot was quickly collected up by the Soldiers for their stash of goodies.
The boxes put a huge smile on the Soldiers faces.
Again thank you so much
Warm Holiday greetings
MAJ Maneval

From: Lonnie Hutchinson

I am currently in Orgun-E Afghanistan and deployed with 101st Airborne 4th BDE 2/506th Bn IN Regiment. I would judst like to say how much the care packages i recieved from you guys and everyone else donated meant to me. It really makes my day when i see that i have mail and people still care about us being over here. I cant thank you guys enough for what you to to help us deployed soldiers out.
All of the soldiers in my platoon really appreciated the snacks and hygene products that we recieved. It helps for when were out on mission and there for several days before we return back to our FOB.
You guys make a world of difference in everyones life that you help. I have been listening to KFDI since i was a little kid and still listen to it when im back home. Im from Oxford, KS which is about 45 mins south of Wichita. I cant wait till someday i will be able to do the same to help. I know my mom appreciated what you guyd did for us. So she had you guyd give away her 2 horses and dog as a christmas present for some lucky kids which i thought was really neat for sure. 


Hello from Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan!

My name is TSgt Zack Casagranda and I recently received a “Christmas in a box” package from you guys.  I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude towards you all for doing this.  Please pass on to your listeners that they definitely have brought some Christmas cheer our way.

You have no idea how a simple thing like mail boosts the morale around here. It means a lot to know that people are thinking of us over here.  The box I received was in perfect condition and full of Christmas goodies.  THANK YOU!!

We are in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan surrounded by mountains.   We hope to be home some time in March. I have included a pic of myself, it was taken right off the base here in Afghanistan.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,


TSgt Casagranda


Subject:  Care packages in Afghanistan
From:     Andrew McIver []

Ms. Kellie Michaels and all of those who contributed to the care packages,
First and foremost, thank you for taking time out of your schedules to obtain and send the care packages.  We enjoyed opening them and treated each one as though they were Christmas presents.  It made for a good afternoon as each of us enjoyed the surprises found in the various packages.  The letters from the children were a boost to our mood and allowed each of us to reflect on what we are doing.
I am from Abbyville, Kansas about an hour West of Wichita.  I grew up listening to KFDI while driving tractors and hauling grain during the summer.  I have fond memories and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the KFDI markings on the packages.
Please say thank you on behalf of Andrew McIver and my fellow Soldiers here in Bagram, Afghanistan to those who contributed to these care packages.
Please say hello to all those listeners in Abbyville for me if you please,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...
Andrew McIver

Dear KFDI Listeners and Staff, and especially Brian and Kellie of the morning show:

Eight Priority Boxes were delivered to the Wing Safety Office of the 455 AEW/SE, Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan December 15th and 16th addressed to Sgt. Mark Hellwig.  Mark just returned this morning from a Temporary Duty Assignment at a US Air Force Field in another, nearby country.  When he came in the office this morning, he was so surprised to see the stack of boxes sitting in his chair.  All of us in the office agree that Mark now holds the record on receiving the most packages for a 1-2 consecutive day delivery period.  Being the compassionate and caring person Mark is, he allowed several of us in the office who haven’t received any packages recently to open a box and pick out what we could use.  Just like Christmas! 

I am not military personnel, but a US Gov’t civilian Federal Employee with the United States Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services who is here at Bagram Air Field helping resolve hazards and threats from birds and mammals to landing and departing aircraft and their crew.  I know it sounds rather peculiar to have a wildlife biologist stationed at a military facility overseas, but wildlife does sometimes collide with aircraft and can cause significant damage or cause an aircraft to crash, potentially resulting in loss of life.  I’m trying to do my little part in this War to keep our service men and women safer.  I live in Boise, Idaho along with my wife of 28 years, 2 children, daughter-in-law and grandson.  My daughter is married to an Army Sgt. Stationed at Ft. Gordon, GA.

The box I opened had several holiday greetings cards from Daniel Wolfe, Paula Ratchford and Harlee Schiermeister.  I want to express my upmost appreciate and gratitude to them…Brian and Kellie…KFDI management and its many listeners.  Ever item in the box was well received and will be put to very good use.  But most importantly are the invisible items in the boxes.   And those are love, warm thoughts, and wishes of Good Will from Wichita residents and surrounding towns.  The boxes were overflowing with those.  There are many Heroes in Afghanistan that never get recognition for what they are doing for our great Country…protecting our freedom and way of life.  Not a single airman or soldier expects to be recognized.  In their hearts they know they are making a difference and doing the right thing.   They are very humble and task oriented.  It’s an honor for me to be here to contribute my expertise and knowledge of wildlife damage management, and to witness the panacea of activity and missions the US military and coalition forces are performing.  It just reinforces my faith in our military and the American People.  


But many of the Heroes is your radio station and it’s listeners who have taken time from this busy holiday schedules to donate items like those in the goody boxes.  The American Public are second to none when it comes to supporting our military and expressing their compassion and gratitude.  Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.  You’ll never know the impact of receiving a simple “Thank You” card and goodies from someone you don’t know.  Little things like a card are big deals.  It’s overwhelming and emotional at times.


My mother, Ruth Fox, lives in Hayesville and my only 2 sisters, Sharon Schupp and Shana Hill live in Wichita, along with several nieces and nephews, and brothers-in-law.  I don’t know if they’re listeners of your station, but I bet very soon they’ll be tuning-in every once and awhile.  If you could send them an airwave holiday greetings message from me, I’d be forever grateful.   The message is “Mom, Sherry and Shan and the Clan ,  I wish all of you a very safe and joyous Christmas.  I love and miss you all very much.  You all are in my heart and thoughts daily.  Love, Eddie.”  And would you ask your listeners to say a small prayer for all of the military men and women serving in Afghanistan, but a special prayer to the families of those who have lost their loved ones defending us.   

Thank you again for the goodies, cards, prayers and thoughts.


George (Eddie) Graves, MS, CWB

Wildlife Biologist

455 AEW/SE

Bragram Air Field, Afghanistan

APO  AE  90352

From: []

I want to take a few minutes and thank you for the care packages that I received today.  Not sure how you got my name, but thank you very much.  As Mr. Graves said, it is great to any kind of package in the mail over here.  Every day when the mail comes, we all fight to see who got any or the most or even the biggest package.  It is sort of an office thing over here.  I think it is safe to say that I have the lead so far over here for the most at one time.  I was gone for a couple days and when I got back I saw boxes stacked several feet high on my chair.  Thanks again to you and all your co-workers and volunteers who put the boxes together.  It was wonderful and it restocked some of our needed items.  We are gathering some of the items to give to our replacements when they start to get here next month and we are also donating some of the items to the local woman and children.  They treat those items like our kids do on Christmas day.  To see how they react to our everyday items makes us realize how good our country and supporters are.

Not sure what radio station you are so please let me know what channel it is so when I get back I can check it out.  If you get a chance to send out a Shout Out for me I would be very thankful.  I would love to say hi to my wife Stacy and my daughter Alexis.  My wife is also in the military and will be eventually heading over this way herself next year.  Also like to say hi to the Men and Woman serving on McConnell AFB.  Tell everyone Hi and Merry Christmas from the Men and Woman serving at Bagram AFB.

Again, thanks for the cards and care packages, this is a truly wonderful program you have and I hope to learn more about your channel when I get home.  Have a safe and wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

TSgt Mark Hellwig

455 AEW Flight Safety NCO

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

Subject: Christmas in a box (UNCLASSIFIED)
From: Arriaga, Domingo R SPC NG NG FORSCOM []

Dear Kellie and Brian,

I wanted to send my thanks and appreciation to you and all the other kind hearted people who helped put together these kind gestures of care packages. I was really surprised when i received the boxes. I shared 3/4 of the goodies with the rest of my platoon who were also very grateful, of course I had to save some for my personal stash as well. I especially loved the cards and letters from the school students that were included, they really touched my heart and brightened my day! So thankyou all very much for all you do and I wish you very fun and safe holidays!!

Spc Arriaga, Domingo
HHC 2-137
Camp Lemonnier
Djibouti, Africa

Subject:Christmas in a box / Thanks from the "Roughnecks"Adamson,

From: Adamson, Jason S SGT USAFRICOM CJTF-HOA []

Brian and Kellie,
I just wanted to thank you and your  listeners for the Christmas boxes you sent us. It means a lot being so far from home and knowing you are remembered during the holiday’s.

So we just wanted to say thank you for helping us drive on and get home so we can enjoy the holiday’s with friends and family next year.

Thank you Sincerely SGT Jason Adamson  2-137 CAB  JCSAR “Roughnecks”

From: Smith, Kurt M CMSgt, USAFCENT 321 EOSS/CE Ops & Maint Chief []

Greetings from Kirkuk ,Iraq.  We have received the packages that you sent
over the last week.  We would like to thank you from the bottom of our
hearts.  We have put the decorations to good use, decorating for our
Christmas party which we are having tonight.  The snacks and candies are a
much sought after treat.  They do feed us pretty well here, but it is nice
to have a little variety.  Everything you sent will be consumed or put to
use by an Airman or Soldier.  Everyone really appreciates the personal
letters and the drawings from the children.   One aspect of a deployment
that is often overlooked is the fact that you are in an environment that is
filled with adults.  We really do miss the constant interaction with
Your packages were received by the 321 Expeditionary Civil Engineer Flight
at Kirkuk Regional Air Base Iraq.  We are made up of Airman from The 931
Civil Engineer Squadron from McConnell AFB, KS and Airman from the 507 Civil
Engineer Squadron  from Tinker AFB, OK.  We also have Army support here from
the 1st Infantry Division from Ft Riley, KS.  You might enjoy knowing that
your support is being received by Airman and Soldiers that are actually from
Kansas and Oklahoma.
        We have a good mission and overall we are enjoying our time here.
Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers.  Everyone seems to
miss their families more during the holiday season and your packages help
get us all through.

Merry Christmas from our team to yours,

CMSgt Kurt Smith
Kirkuk RAB, Iraq

To:  Kellie Michaels
I just wanted to say THANKS for the Christmas box you sent to my son and all the other soilders out there!!! Brian called when he got the box and he was SO excited!!!! He even was able to share some of his goodies with other fellow soilders. He wanted you and everyone who helped to know how much he appreciated the box and the support!!!! He just couldn't believe so many would donate and help pack boxes for soilder's they don't even personally know. He loved the t-shirt!!!!! I as a mom of one of those soilders(with tears in my eyes) just want to say THANKS and that doesn't even seem like enough. You all at KFDI are AWESOME!!!! THANKS for helping make a(many) soilder's  Christmas very special!!!!!!
Happy Holidays to all of you and your families and the very best wishes for 2011!!!!
Kristina Barker
PS--- Brian is stationed in Korea  

From: Cox, Stanley S MSG USAR USD-N 3/368TH FMD/WR0RA3
Sent: Thu 12/9/2010 10:14 AM


Thank you for the Soldier Care Packages you and your crew sent to us
in Iraq.
  Someone apparently submitted the name of one of my Soldiers (PFC Brenden
Evans) to KFDI for Soldier Care Packages, we received them today.  I don't
know how to thank you for all of that.  You did the same thing for me when I
was in Afghanistan two Christmases' ago.
  I don't know who pays for all of the items you send, or who pays for the
postage, but just from the number of packages that we received, there was a
lot of money spent on postage alone.
  Maybe one day I can help you do the same for others at this very special
time of year.
  I have the very best Soldiers in the U.S. Army in my Detachment, we work
hard, we care, we maintain the highest level or integrity, and we are proud
to be American Soldiers.
  Simply saying "Thank You" for the effort and personal spending the folks
at home put forth for us seems bland, but I don't know how else to say it.
With that said, please accept our deepest gratitude for all of your efforts.
  We wish you the Merriest of Christmases', the most Prosperous of New
Years, and we Pray that God will Bless all of you.
  Master Sergeant Stan Cox
  3-368TH Financial Management Detachment

Det Sgt, 3/368TH FMD

From: Gavin SSgt Gerald V (1/8 BN WPNS Co Scout Sniper Plt Sgt)]

Thank you for your support over this holiday season. I am the Platoon Commander for 1st Battalion 8th Marines Scout/Sniper Platoon. We are currently deployed to the northern most part of the Helmand District in Afghanistan. I have 33 Marines including myself in the platoon. Almost everybody in the platoon listens to country so we really appreciate the packages coming from the more patriotic side of the entertainment business. We have 2 Marines from Kansas in our platoon. Sgt Damon Young is from Wichita where your studio is at. Thanks again for all the support and we appreciate your packages.


Staff Sergeant Gerald V. Gavin

Scout/Sniper Plt Cmdr

1st Battalion 8th Marines

MSQ District Center

FW: Maneval, Chanda M. MAJ USA USA 1ST AML
To:  Kellie Michaels

Dear Brian Pierce and Kellie Michaels,
Just wanted to write a quick email to let you know we have received
several boxes from you and we appreciate everything that was sent.  We
hung the stockings and put a lot to the other items under our trees.  A
lot was quickly collected up by the Soldiers for their stash of goodies.
The boxes put a huge smile on the Soldiers faces.
Again thank you so much
Warm Holiday greetings
MAJ Maneval
1st Area Medical Laboratory
Kandahar, Afghanistan

Thank you (Christmas in a Box)
Macdonald, Lonny J LTC MIL USA FORSCOM []
To:  Kellie Michaels
Brian and Kellie,
I wanted to write and personally thank you and KFDI there in Wichita for the Christmas
boxes and gifts everyone sent here to Afghanistan. Being away from home and family
during the holidays is hard, but the gifts that we received from the great people there in
Wichita make it easier for all of us during this time of year. Everything brought a small
piece of home to us that we enjoyed and cherished; it also made us feel, at least for a
little while, like kids on Christmas.

Everything you sent reminds us what great people we have supporting us back home
and how proud we are that we serve the greatest nation and citizens in the world.

I've enclosed a picture of us with the Christmas Boxes.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas,

Lonny J. MacDonald
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
101st Airborne Division Provost Marshal

Holiday Boxes
David Moore []

To:  Kellie Michaels

Dear Kellie, Brian and all of the KFDI listeners,
My name is SMSgt David Moore with the 931st CES out of McConnell AFB we are currently serving in the Kirkuk region of Iraq.  I don't even know where to begin when it comes to thanking you for the many boxes of goodies,  it is a pretty awesome feeling knowing that there is still a lot of people out there who really do have a sense of pride and appreciate the sacrifices that all of the soldiers are making in order to keep America safe and free.  The personal cards and letters that were included was definitely the highlight of all the boxes; that is one of the top reason's that we do what we do.  Thanks again for keeping all of us in your thoughts and prayers during not only the Christmas Season but throughout the year.  
SMSgt David Moore
COS Warrior
APO AE 09359


Thank You For Christmas in a Box
Hanshaw, Gary W SFC NG NG FORSCOM []
To:  Kellie Michaels

After all these years of listening to you on the way to work in the morning and listening
to your station, I finally get to say thanks for the job you do.

I received the donations of food, candy, toletries and most important, personalized
cards from the kids back home! Letters mean more to me than any "things" that are sent,
though I appreciate that as well.
SFC Gary W. Hanshaw
226th ENG Co.


Re: Christmas in a box
Shawn Vars []
To:  Kellie Michaels
Dear Friends,
First off I would like to thank you for your support. I have several Soldiers that this is their first deployment and have small children or new babies and the holidays are tough for them. I saw light in several young Soldiers eyes as we hung up your decorations and handed out candy. Most of them pretend that they don't care, but we have to be tough in our line of work. I could tell in there faces that it meant a lot to forget where they are and for a moment be normal. So to a grateful nation from their grateful Heroes.
Sleep sound with dreams of sugar plumes in your heads. We got your back.
SSG Shawn Vars
Wichita, KS




 Christmas in a Box (UNCLASSIFIED)
Winter, Shad W TSGT USAF USFORA []

To:  Kellie Michaels; Brian P.

Kellie, Brian and all the supporters of the ARMED FORCES,

I'm TSgt Shad Winter originally from Marion Kansas, currently serving
with US Joint Forces Afghanistan.   My beautiful wife TSgt Tracy Winter
is also serving overseas in Kuwait at this time.  We have 3 boys Cody,
Justin and Austin holding down the home front for us, along with a great
network of Family and Friends.  Today my unit received 9 of your
Wonderful Christmas in a box packages.  I'm not really sure if you know
how much it truly means to all of us, but just knowing that people still
care enough to donate their hard earned time, money, and energy on a
lonely US Service member doing his or her job for the country they so
dearly love.  It is truthfully such an honor to serve the United States
of America when you know there are so many great people back in the
states (Especially KANSAS) standing behind us and supporting us.  To
receive these packages and a little taste of home was great. The smiles,
the laughs, the jokes, if only for a few minutes was all worth it as we
opened the packages, passed them around fighting over all the goodies.
So I know I can tell you THANK YOU time and time again, but truthfully
your time and effort with all these boxes has made a lot of US Service
members days, months, and years over here that much more bearable! So
again THANK YOU to KFDI, Kelly, Brian and all the US Military
supporters. Attached are a few photos of my myself, my team and US
service members that received Christmas in a box.

Thanks again

Shad Winter
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

KDFI Radio - Christmas in a Box
To:  Kellie Michaels

Hi Brian and Kellie,

Just a short note to tell you that our section here at ISAF HQ in Kabul has received two of your boxes. We were all very happy to see that you and your listeners are thinking about us and that you took the time to send us all these goodies for Christmas. It is very much appreciated and we all want to thank you. The beauty of it is that we always put what we receive together on a table and share. Our section has around 15 people dealing mainly in Public Affairs ; 13 from the US, one Canadian, and one Australian. We are all in this together...

So, although I am French Canadian, I act today as the representative of my section to bring you the good news that we have received your boxes and say thank you and God bless you all as Christmas approaches... 

Merci / Thank you,

Eric Chamberland


Christmas in a box
Broderson, Patrick M SGT USAFRICOM CJTF-HOA []
To:  Kellie Michaels

Hi Kellie and Brian,

Notice I put Kellie first.. This is SGT. Pat Brodersen. I just received and passed out the care packages you sent. I was very surprised to find them in today’s mail call. I want to thank you and KFDI for them. Also a big thanks to your listeners, the Andover middle school, and all the others who chipped in. I am deployed with my Kansas National Guard unit here in Djibouti Africa. Many of our soldiers are from the Wichita area. We are here in Africa helping the people here help themselves. It has been much cooler here the last month. Back in July and August it was in the mid 120’s. We will pass some of the candy you sent to some of the children we see often out in the mountains.

We are planning on using the disposable cameras you sent to take pics of the kids and send them back to you.

Thanks again. Go K-State!


Care Packages
John Rose []
To:  Kellie Michaels

Thank the kids at Andover Middle School and your many listeners for the wonderful
christmas care packages . They brought lot of smiles to members of my squad. 

Thanks SSG Rose

Recieved Christmas in a Box
Bobby Kirby []
To:  Kellie Michaels
Hello I'm SGT Kirby from Augusta, Kansas and I'm here in Iraq. I greatly appreciate the dedication that you show to the service members from the community. I think that as a soldier with multiple deployments. I sometimes forget why I continue to come to the middle east. The small thing that you and the community do for us allows me to realize that I am a member of a wonderful community and country. I would like to thank you on behalf of 4th Platoon 1-14 infantry battalion.
SGT Kirby

Thank you for the care package! (UNCLASSIFIED)
Harden, John M US 1LT USAF PAO HQ ISAF []
To:  Kellie Michaels

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

Hello Brian and Kellie,

I just wanted to say thank you to the people of Wichita for the care

Spending the holidays in Afghanistan is quite a bit different than being
home in the States. The support of Americans like yourselves makes the
time go by easier, letting us all here know that people care about what
we're trying to do.

Every American over here is a volunteer, in that we all chose to join
the military. Many of us miss holidays, graduations, anniversaries, and
even child births, with the hope that our sacrifices will help our
friends and neighbors enjoy those special occasions.

To the listeners of the Brian and Kellie Morning Show and everyone who
remembered a service member this holiday season, your gifts remind us
what we buy with our time here, and makes it an honor to serve our great
nation. I am happy to be here in Afghanistan, knowing that there are
people like you in our corner!

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

Very Respectfully,
John Harden, 1st Lt., USAF
Media Operations Officer
HQ ISAF Public Affairs
DSN: 237-9578
Comm: +93 (0) 700-132-114

P.S. Could you tell my mom, Sherry Johnston of Wichita, Merry Christmas
from me? I'd really appreciate it!

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