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Most Annoying Word of 2010 Announced

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What word annoys you?

My biggest annoyance is with the word "dude."  I raised boys.  They could have entire conversations and only use the word "dude" in different inflections.

But, that isn't THE most annoying word to most people.

For the second year in a row, "whatever" was crowned the most annoying word in the English language.

Thirty-nine percent of the Americans polled would like to rip "whatever" out of the dictionary, set it on fire, and give that most dismissive and juvenile word a proper burial.

After "whatever," Americans found "like" to be grating, followed by "you know what I mean," "to tell you the truth" and "actually."

The Marist Poll, the brilliant folk who conducted the research, divided the results by age and found that words annoy people differently depending on how old they are. Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 hate the word "like" more than the word "whatever." Aww, is that so?

Our lack of sympathy for what annoys teenagers is, like, astounding.   Whatever.

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