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Do you recognize this man? Read to find out why you probably will...someday soon.

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Keith Fenimore wants all of us to know who he is.  He is trying to become "America's most recognized face."

The idea came to him several months ago in a 3 a.m. "lightbulb moment" he says.

Keith doesn't need you to like him, and he doesn't want to make any money out of this (or so he says.)

The premise is simple: to build momentum via various media platforms until everyone in America knows who he is.

Fenimore claims his intentions are pure and have nothing to do with being famous as a means to make more money, sell more books or any other end. Nope, this experiment is purely for science and will serve as nothing more than commentary on the power of both social and traditional media.

Fenimore explains: "Someone with a talent, who is thought of as a celebrity, needs to be famous to build a fan base in order to sell things -- be it records or movie tickets. They rely totally on being liked, praised, idolized and revered," he says. "None of that applies to me or the experiment. To be recognized, I don't need people to like me. I just need them to see my face and recognize it."

So how does one go from obscurity to owning the most recognizable face? Via the "media snowball effect."

"I'm just using press to get more press," Fenimore, an award-winning senior writer and producer for Howard Stern's TV Network, tells us. "I want to see if it's possible for me to create a media tornado."

Though his resume boasts an impressive list of achievements and experiences (in addition to working with Stern, he's served as executive producer for projects on A&E, VH-1 and FOX Reality), as of two weeks ago, his web presence was non-existent, making him a prime subject for his endeavor.

The guy had no Facebook account (a rare breed, indeed), no tweets sent from a Twitter deck and no website touting his extensive list of skills.

Since the project launched two weeks ago, he's jumped on the social media bandwagon, been interviewed by seven newspapers and, based on his calculations, been exposed to approximately 1.5 million people. It may even excite you to know that he's already got a few haters, including one who angrily wished he'd get socked in the face.

Want to help Fenimore reach his goals? Share his picture or website with everyone you know, add him as a friend on Facebook, follow him on Twitter or give him a little media love, if that's what you're good at.

And, at the very least, make sure you tuck everything you've just read into a tiny compartment in your brain. That way, when you see him acting chummy with Lady Gaga, hosting the Academy Awards or giving the opening monologue on "Saturday Night Live" you can say to yourself, "Hey, I know that face! Isn't that Keith Fenimore?"

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