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Yikes...$800,000 falls down a hole!

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The new game show "Million Dollar Money Drop" has it's first controversy.  This couple in the video were told the answer they placed the most money on was the wrong answer.  Now there are some arguing they were actually correct.

On this episode of the show, a couple lost $800,000 when they answered a question about which item was sold in stores first: the Macintosh computer, the Sony Walkman or Post-It Notes.

Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayi bet their money on Post-Its, but were told they lost $800,000 by host Kevin Pollack, who said the answer was incorrect. 

But, the website refuted claims that the Post-It answer was incorrect. The website linked to the Post-It Facebook page, which said Post-It Notes didn’t go on sale nationally until 1980, but were market tested in four cities back in 1977.

According to Pollack and the show’s producers the Sony Walkman came out in 1979.

Gawker argued that the question was not presented as “sold in stores nationally,” and instead just said, “sold in stores.”

Executive Producer Jeff Apploff stood by the show's determination that the Post-It answer was wrong.

“’MILLION DOLLAR MONEY DROP’ stands behind the answer that was revealed on the show,” he said, “....our research team spoke directly with 3M, and they confirmed that although they had given out free samples in test markets in 1977 and 1978, it wasn’t until 1980 that Post-Its were sold in stores.

The couple still won $80,000 for leaving some money on the Walkman answer.

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