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What a great name for a video game: The "Toylet" Games.

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If you think playing video games is just a way to flush your life down the drain, you may be more right than you know.

The Japanese game maker, Sega, has just started installing a new style of gaming in men's bathrooms in Tokyo. 

It's called the "Toylet" and it allows restroom users to play four mini-games controlled by their urine stream.

I know it's sounds crazy.  But I bet these things really take off.  I can imagine they will make it to America pretty soon.

Here's how it works.  Men who stop for a bathroom break at four Tokyo metro stations will be able to challenge themselves by peeing on a pressure sensor, which measures the forcefulness of their urine stream. The sensor sends that information to a screen above the porcelain urinal, where users watch their  performance in the game.

While I don't plan to get into the details of the games here, if you are truly interested, you can read about it at



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