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What happened at "Chili Throwdown!"

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There were two chili cook-offs happening on Friday, January 14th at the Journal Broadcast Group in Wichita.

First, the company wide annual chili cookoff lunch was taking place.  That is where anyone in the building is invited to enter their chili and compete against each other.

Then there was the private "side" chili throwdown that Brian and I were competing in.  Our only goal was to beat each other. 

Brian and I make chili completely differently.

I make "normal" chili.  Normal ingredients, normal taste, normal texture.  Brian calls it "dime store chili", whatever that means.

Brian makes something else.  Actually, he never makes chili the same way twice.  It's always some type of experiment on what he can put in the chili.  Odd stuff like reconstituted onions, BBQ sauce, liquid smoke, all kinds of spices, different types of beans.  Not even chili beans. Other beans.  This time it was refried beans.  The list goes on and on. 

Well, the results are in.

I BEAT BRIAN.  Ha!  I won the throw down.

But, I do have to say that both Brian and I got up on the podium in the top three overall among all staff members.  Brian placed 3rd....I placed 2nd and John Wright took the top spot as Journal Broadcast Group Chili Champion 2011.

All that really matters to me though is that I finished ahead of Brian.  That is golden. 

If you want to see how it all played out, watch the video below!  As you watch this, it might help to know that mine was Pot #8 and Brian's was Pot #9.




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