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Help Solve A Worldwide Mystery - Watch This Video and Share

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Together, we might be able to do something nice today.  If we join together, we may be able to reunite someone with what this man found.  Watch this video and repost....then ask your friends to repost it too. It's a really neat story. 

I was thinking that if we all post this over and over, eventually this will reach the people it is intended for....wherever in the world they are.  If you want to just link to this site, copy and paste this address in your status box:

Here's the complete story

Todd Bieber was skiing through Brooklyn's Prospect Park just after the recent New York Blizzard when he stumbled upon a white canister of 35mm film blending in with the snow. Bieber, being a man of adventure, developed the film himself, and created a YouTube video (above) to help him find the photographer who had lost it.

The black and white photos were taken all over New York during the blizzard, and they're actually really, really good. Unfortunately, very few of them contained images of the photographers. They're two fairly similar-looking guys, possibly brothers. Bieber thinks they look European, but they could be from anywhere.

Bieber discovered the film around 2 p.m. on December 30th. It was sunny that day, which matches the weather in the photos, making it likely that the found film was shot on the 30th as well. They're also carrying digital cameras in some of the photos, so the rest of their shots from the day may be online.

Can you help us track down Todd Bieber's mysterious Prospect Park photographers?

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