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How "waiting rooms" can turn to more than just a place to wait.

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 If you listen to KFDI on the weekends, you will often hear a personality named Dane Daniel on the air.  Dane is one of our favorite people here at the station.  Not only does he do weekend shows, but he also fills in when one of the regular personalities is on vacation or gone for some reason.

Around KFDI, we absolutely adore Dane.  He is one of the nicest men you will ever meet.  His wife, Angie, calls him Mr. 1inamillion.  
What most of you don't know when you are listening to Dane is that he has been fighting a form of cancer called soft tissue sarcoma since 1997.  That's 14 years of treatments.  Chemo, radiation, drug trials, surgeries.  You name it, Dane has gone through it.
That means he spends ALOT of time in the doctor's office.  Or more specifically, in the waiting room at the doctor's office.  
I think we have all spent time in a waiting room.  And, I bet you all would agree that it is a helpless feeling to just sit there waiting to hear your name called.  Waiting for the next thing to happen.  Waiting and waiting....and waiting.
Well, all that waiting doesn't have to go to waste.  That is the idea behind "The Waiting Place", a fundraising idea that Dane's wife Angie came up with. 
As Angie told me, "I wanted to put together a fundraiser for sarcoma research in his (Dane's) honor."  She researched the possibilities but couldn't find one that got her excited. So she explored setting up a fundraising event.  Except nothing would include Dane.
You see Dane doesn't run, he doesn't do long walks, he isn't a golfer.  What Dane has learned to do really really well over the past 14 year is wait.  He is truly a "patient" patient; patiently waiting for his next treatment. 
All of Dane's energy is spent in waiting rooms and treatments. He doesn't have the energy left for anything else, it all goes to fighting what Angie calls "this stupid cancer." 

Angie got to thinking, "What if Dane could raise money just doing what he does? Runners run, Golfers golf, Swimmers swim and they gain sponsorships doing it to raise money for their cause. Patients wait. Who says we can't sponsor that?"

That's when she came up with the idea for The Waiting-Place.  The mission is to let patients raise money for their charity during their waiting room time.  You would sponsor "minutes waited" in the same way you would sponsor a walker or a runner for a cause. With thousands and thousands of people like Dane spending countless hours waiting, the money raised could really add up.
So, to get the start up  money for The Waiting Place, Angie has applied for a  Pepsi Refresh Everything project grant.  The project needs to be one of the top ten by the end of the month to receive the grant.  And, there's a long way to go to get there.
I am asking if you would take just a moment and cast a vote for this project?  You can vote by texting, online and through Facebook for up to 10 different projects each day during the month. Just click on this link: Or you can also cast a vote by texting* 105175 to Pepsi (73774). Or go to the Facebook page for Waiting Place.
Here's a chance for us to help Dane do something that would mean so much to him and to his family.  Make all that waiting count!  Please cast a vote every day between now and Monday.  Maybe, God willing, this project will get the funding it needs.



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