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How To Write A Perfect Valentine's Day Love Letter

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Advice to romantically impaired men!

This isn't really a news flash, but there are some romantically impaired men out there who do not write love letters because they don't know how.

Now you will have no excuse, because I am about to give you a step by step lesson in how to write the perfect love letter.  It is a no fail way to sweep your girl off her feet, guys. 

Just do these things in this order and you're good to go:

  1. Take a piece of paper (copy paper is fine) and a pen (no pencil or markers please.)
  2. Sit down at a table to HAND WRITE this letter.  No, you can not type it and print it out.
  3. If you need some help with words, open a thesaurus (or go to
  4. Open the letter with "To The Love Of My Life."
  5. Keep in mind, it's important to mention her by name in at least one place in the letter.
  6. Write out this line and finish it by filling in something you love about her.  "You are the perfect person for me.  I love you so much because (fill in something you love about her here.)  One or two lines is fine, you don't have to go on and on.
  7. Then write a line about a physical quality you love about her.  Don't get too graphic, but you can scoot up close to the line.  Best to start this line with "You really get my heart racing. Your (fill in the blank) drives me crazy. 
  8. Then write a line about your hopes for the future.  You can use the line "I can't live without you.  I want you to be a part of my life forever." 
  9. Close with this line , "My heart is yours," that has been found to be the most romantic closing for a love letter.
  10. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR LETTER FOR SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS!   No girl really wants to get a love letter with a bunch of misspelled words. (**Note, if you feel more comfortable, you could type your letter into your computer and check it for spelling and grammar...BUT DELETE IT after you fix the errors and transfer them to your handwritten version.

THERE YOU HAVE IT!  The perfect love letter.

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