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Don't turn a blind eye!

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This is a sad sad fact. Every day there are kids in our own neighborhoods and communities that silently suffer abuse, neglect or worse. 

Sometimes we have a clue that it's happening but don't know where to turn to get help for that child or teenager.

You may even have the mistaken notion that it's none of your business.

Well, it's IS all of our business.  Kids in danger need adults that will help them. 

This is "National Safe Place Week."  This week highlights the efforts to bring businesses and volunteers together to provide safety to children and teens facing abuse, neglect or serious family problems.

A nationwide network of more than 17,000 businesses buildings that appeal to kids – like fast food restaurants, convenience stores, fire stations, public buses and libraries – are trained to identify kids who might be abused, neglected, thrown away or in immediate danger.  And, they are asked to get these kids information about a Safe Place in their community.

In Wichita, the Safe Place program is operated by the Wichita Children's Home.  Area Safe Places include QuikTrips, City Buses, City Libraries, Fire Stations, Police Substations, and the City Health Department. 

If you see a child you think needs help, please get them to one of the Safe Places mentioned above.  Or call the Wichita Children's Home to get more information at (316) 684-6581.

Your action just may save a child from abuse or neglect. 

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