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Stop the Stresscalation!

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April is National Stress Awareness Month, which of course will stress some people out.  But not me.
I read an interesting word today….“stresscalation.” 

The word for our society’s escalation of stress in our everyday lives.
It’s time to put an end to the petty stress - things we stress out about that don’t really deserve that much of our energy.
So, to celebrate “Stress Awareness Month” I am going to list the things that have stressed me out in the past that I will no longer give any of my hard earned lifetime to:
I will no longer stress out over:

•    Not enough lanes open at the grocery store.  I will use the time waiting in line to take a deep breath and pray. I will thank God for providing me with enough money to be standing in the line at the grocery store buying something to eat.  

•    Someone going too slow in the “left lane.”  I will think to myself that the person in front of me is a guardian Angel sent to slow me down, so that I don’t get in an accident up ahead.  

•    Not talking to my children every week.  I want to talk to them every week but I realize they have their own lives and their father and I aren’t their major concern. So, I will treat the fact that they have productive lives as a blessing and stop stressing out over the phone not ringing on the weekends.

•    Working at home when I should be relaxing.  This one actually doesn’t stress ME out as much as it does my husband. He thinks I work too much.  Truth is, I really like working.  I like being productive.  And, I am so thankful that I have a job that keeps me engaged and that I enjoy so much. 

•    Worrying about my parents.  They have gotten along without intervention for a long, long, long (did I say long?) time.  Why do I think they need me to solve all of their problems?  I am just going to be a good listener when my mom calls.

•    What will happen tomorrow, or the day after that.  Jesus said in the Sermon On The Mount that worrying will not lengthen our days even by one.  And, that God will provide all that we need if we simply ask.  What is there to worry about?  Nothing.

What’s your list?  

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