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Have you seen this Bugg?

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It really breaks my heart when I get emails from pet owners desperately searching for their little friends.  The email below really struck a cord with me.  I can feel Becky's heart breaking too as she tells me how she and her husband Marc are desperately searching for a puppy they believe was deliberately stolen from their car.  Read her story and maybe you can help find Bugg.
If you think you can help, email Becky directly here

Brian and Kellie,
I am writing to you because my husband and I are in desperate need for some help. 
On 5/6/11-Friday evening we were at the Fazolis and Genghis Grill out on West Central and Tyler.  While we were there my car window was busted out and our beloved little friend was stolen from us.  The time was around 6:15-6:30 P.M.
I went out to check on our dog after going inside for a few minutes to find the whole passenger side window busted out and one of the loves of my life GONE.  What we need help with is to get it out there in the public to see if anyone saw what happened.  We were parked, facing Central ( a very busy street), where you could see my car from both Fazolis and Genghis Grill.
It is beyond us how anyone could go and bust out a window and steal a dog in broad daylight and not have any witnesses???  We are hoping somebody saw something and just did not know what to do. 
Our dog is a male Boston Terrier/Pug mix which is called a Bugg.  He is black with brindle mixed in, his face is all black and he has white on his chest and his tail is long and curly like the pug.  He is 8 months old and 18 lbs and about 12 inches tall. 
We are issuing a cash reward and have many people helping us out but we would like more.  We will not give up until we have our lil man back at home safe with us.  He was my wedding gift from my husband back in November and this is the first puppy that was actually mine and the first for him and we have no kids yet, he is our kid and we are dying without him. 
Please take into consideration our story and help us out, as we would greatly appreciate it.  
Missing our lil guy
Marc and Becky

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