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It's hard to be cool after you fall in public.....I know from experience!

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All eyes were on Shania Twain Wednesday night as she walked out from behind the stage to hand out one of the CMT Music Awards.  That's when it happened.  Shania slipped and fell!

She called it "one of the most embarrassing moments" of her life.

I can relate, Shania.  As an adult who has found herself sprawled facedown by a salad bar in a restaurant, I know exactly how mortified Shania was after the fall.

I blamed a slick floor too.  Just like Shania.  And, like Shania, I wasn't hurt either.  Except for my pride.  It was badly bruised.

Now that Shania has fallen, I think all of us girls can consider a tumble fashionable.  If a beautiful woman like Shania can go down like a ton of bricks, we can all breath a little easier if it happens to us.

If you want to see Shania fall, here's the video.   

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