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Is it wrong to cheat at Words With Friends?

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My new addiction is Words With Friends on my Iphone.  I started playing ONE game and now I am playing five and six at a time.  Maybe that's not unusual. But for me, it seems high.

I should also mention that I hate to lose in any game.  Which is why I searched out "Words With Friends Cheat" on line.

Sure enough.  There is a way to, not really cheat, but get some advantage in the game. 

Is this wrong?  I mean really.  Who gets hurt?  It's not like I am playing for money.  It's just silly old pride.

Since my opponent can do the same thing I think I am really just evening the playing field.

And to also rid my conscience of any lingering guilt, I thought I would pass this timely information on to you. After all, you may HATE to lose at games too.

So, here are a couple of links that might just help you out:

Happy chea.....oops....playing!






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