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I got the creeps just writing this....

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I hate spiders.  I even don't like writing about spiders.  It's giving me the creeps, but as a public service, I must alert you to a spider news alert.

We have all heard of the Black Widow spider.  If you get bit by one, you are in deep trouble.  Now I find out there is a spider called the Brown Widow and it's been found in Kansas. 

Kent Foley from Arrest A Pest says he found one of the Brown Widow spiders in a home in Haysville.  It is believed to be the first found in the state of Kansas.Kent kept the spider's remains.  He has it in his office.

I know Kent.  He is my pest control man.  He has been over to the house many times and always assures me that I don't have any dangerous spiders in my house.  Although sometimes he teases me before he gives the "all clear."  He's a jokester that way.

Seriously though, Kent is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to spiders. He told our tv partners at KWCH all about the Brown Widow.  I was all ears.  I do not want to come across one of these little gems in my house.  He says brown widows love secluded areas like under cars, trucks and campers.

Did he say campers????  OMG!   I am going camping this weekend.  I probably won't sleep well now.

They build their nests in garages, crawl spaces, wood piles, buckets and planters, unused equipment, recessed grips of plastic totes, vehicle undercarriages, and under patio chairs.

Doing some good cleaning is the best way to eliminate them.  If I see one I am going to scream and run, call Kent.......and then make Brian stand guard til the Arrest A Pest truck pulls up. 

Here's what to look for:  The bodies of brown widows can range from light tan to very dark brown, and spots on their backs may be yellow, brown, orange or even white. The telltale hourglass of brown widows isn’t red; it’s orange.

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