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I hope I live through Friday!

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The sky is falling...the sky is falling.  No.  Something is falling from the sky and you might be hit by it.

The flaming wreckage from NASA’s doomed Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is expected to pierce the atmosphere on Friday afternoon. Exactly where and exactly when UARS will return to Earth remains TBD.

There's at least a chance someone will be hit by the falling debris. will have a tracking web page set up.  There's even an App for your phone to track it. 

The satellite, which was launched into orbit during a 1991 space shuttle mission, weighs 13,000-pounds and is expected to break apart as it plows through the atmosphere, with all but about 1,100 pounds of debris being incinerated in the process.

Here are your calculated chances of being hit:

There is a 1:3,200 chance UARS debris will strike ANYONE, and 1-in-trillions it’ll be YOU (or me.)

Up to 26 pieces of debris, the largest of which will be about 330 pounds, are expected to survive re-entry, putting on quite a sky show.

Nasa does say if a piece of it falls near you, don't pick it up.  Call the authorities and they will come get it. You will be in tons of trouble if you try to sell it on EBAY.

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