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This is someone's cherished ornament!

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On the morning show this week, we got into the conversation about odd Christmas decorations. 

Heard from a woman with Klingon ornaments and lights shaped like the Star Trek space ship.  There was the Dale Earnhardt, KC Chiefs tree that sits in the living room of another listener.

A "construction themed" tree with caution tape for garland and a hard hat topper.

Then, I got this photo sent to me.  This is the cherished ornament of the Blount family.

Here's the story behind the ornament in the email I received:
We have a shot up tin can!... our (then) 6 yr old grandson got the "gun fever" which QUICKLY spread to his dad and Grandpa, and they like to go practice shooting together.  Well, he shot up this can into a twisted conglomeration of sharp twisted HOLEY metal... and lo and behold, it sits nestled in the tree branches again this year!  pretty close to the ornament of a deer driving a jeep, with the hunter tied to the back!  HA!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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