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The Story Behind The Prom Box On American Idol

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Thursday night (April 12) on American Idol, Wichita was in the national spotlight thanks to Campus High School student Katie Elder. 

Katie sent Colton Dixon a "prom box" invitation asking him to take her to her prom at Campus High School on April 28th. 

Exactly what was in the box was a mystery until Katie talked to Brian and Kellie Friday morning and revealed the details of the invitation.

Click Here To Listen To Katie On The Air With Brian & Kellie explaining what was in the "Prom Box."

"It started as kind of a little fun thing. I am thinking 'he is never gonna see this, " Katie said. "I am a huge fan, I have been from the beginning.  And so I was just like what is a way that I could grab his attention cuz I was thinking everyone sends fan mail letters and stuff and I wanted to grab his attention."  So what I did was I went out and bought a Justin Beiber cardboard cut out. And took pictures with it. The whole title was 'Top Ten Reasons You Should Be My Date To Prom Instead Of My Justin Beiber Cutout."

Katie said that Colton did tweet her after the show Thursday night and said he was really flattered and the Beiber cutout was hilarious and he said "hope to meet you soon."  Katie says the tweet has given her high expectations.

Katie confirms she still doesn't have a date for the prom.  She will take the Justin Beiber cutout to prom if things don't work out with Colton.

We will keep in touch with Katie to see what happens next.


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