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Billboard Searching For Adopted Boy From 1965

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It's a long shot.  Everyone agrees.  But it's not stopping a father trying to find a child that he and the birth mother gave up for adoption in 1965.

The father has put up billboards around Wichita that he hopes someone will read and recognize themself or someone they know.

The billboards read:  Were you adopted in the Wichita area in 1965, and ever wondered about your birth parents? This phone number may have the answer: 913-207-0373.

A friend of the birth father trying to help in the search says the mother of the child was in a Wichita home for unwed mothers when she gave birth in December of 1965.

The reason for the search now after 46 years?  The father wants to pass some important medical information on to the child he fathered.  The friend helping the unnamed father says that there isn't anything else behind the search.  He says that if the child wants to meet his father, the father would be open to that happening.

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