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Guy Makes History With His Proposal.

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 Kyle Taylor, a recent college graduate from Texas, made history in a big way when he became the first person to ever propose to his girlfriend through a phone app.

Kyle worked for months to get an original audio advertisement played on Pandora while his girlfriend Maggie was listening to the app in her car.

A woman's voice came on Pandora saying, "You're probably wondering why Kyle is sitting here with you listening to Pandora and acting kind of nervous." The woman's voice continues over the internet radio station-- reading the words Kyle had written for the ad --"I want nothing more than to have you by my side for as long as I live," she continues. "You are my absolute sweetheart and I know this has been a long time coming." (The couple has been dating for six years).

Of course, what would a guy who proposes over a phone app do to commemorate the occasion?  Why blog about it, of course, Kyle  detailed the entire proposal process on his Tumblr blog, including the part where Maggie says "yes."

To make the proposal happen, Taylor submitted a general support request to Pandora, learning soon after that he would be the first person to propose this way. He started working with the creative, technical and audio advertising teams. Eventually, he got a script together and had it recorded by the voice actress.

Here's a picture of the happy couple

For more details on the proposals, and pictures, click over to Taylor's Tumblr blog.

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