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Toby Keith's Backstage Ritual Revealed

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I feel like I have hit the jackpot.  This Saturday night I will get to go backstage to meet Toby Keith at the 2012 Country Stampede in Manhattan (June 21-24 at Tuttle Creek State Park.) 

It's all about getting that photo.  Toby will meet thousands of people but I will only meet him once.  The photo will be an important momento.  I am hoping I can somehow pull together and not sweat myself into a mess right before the meet & greet.  It's suppose to be right at 100 degrees Saturday.  Good grief. 

My plan is to stay in the air conditioned camper til right before the backstage deal begins...then somehow get into the backstage tent and in front of the air vent before I begin to melt.  So, wish me luck.

Brian, by the way, keeps asking what I plan to say to Toby?  I don't really know.  I will keep it short and not gush all over him. 

I thought I would share a little video I found on YouTube.  It's Toby's backstage ritual right before he goes on stage.  It's just him and his crew.

Take notice of what is in Toby's Solo Cup!!  Which isn't RED, BTW.

Tickets to Toby's Saturday night concert can be found at


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