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If a man does this, he will be instantly happier.

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Researchers at Cambridge University in England have discovered what they say is THE secret to happiness for men.

The study shows that men who do more housework and cleaning chores are happier and have a better sense of well being. And, their lives are less stressful than those who don't. The research found that guys who help around the house hear less complaining from their significant others. I hear you on that. In fact, I plan to make Brian very very very happy all weekend. Fire up that vacuum, baby!!!

Researchers attributed their findings to two factors: They believe more men support gender equality and women are more assertive than in the past. The researchers said men are actually uncomfortable when they are not taking equal responsibility for housework. Women’s attitudes are also evolving, allowing them to voice their concerns. "Women are becoming more assertive and making their dissatisfaction with lazy partners plain," the study found.

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